In the outdoors. It seems energetic and

In “Transfiguration”, by Annie Dillard, one of the themes present is death. The theme of death is also present in “The Death of the Moth”, by Virginia Woolf. In both of the works, the idea of death is looked at in two very different ways. Dillard looks at death in a positive way, as a beautiful concept, while Woolf looks at death as an intimidating, powerful concept.

In “The Death of the Moth”, the moth repeatedly tries to escape to the outdoors. It seems energetic and happy, but the moth quickly becomes a victim of death. Death uses its strong power and kills the struggling moth. Woolf’s view on death is also shown through her tone. The tone of the essay shifts dramatically from the beginning to the end. In the beginning of the essay, Woolf’s tone is more uplifting and happy. She uses words such as “pleasant”, “mild”, and “vital”.

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As the essay progresses her tone shifts to become more dark and upsetting. She uses words such as “failure”, “doom”, and “struggled” to create this dreary mood towards the end of the essay.


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