In form/feedback to use, depends on the

In view of the study of existing literature, following significant elements have been brought out. The data obtained during the appraisal process should be wisely used and considered. Still, for performance appraisal to be successful, it is important to carry it out on a regular and consistent basis.

As being stated by Levison (1976), performance appraisal needs to be viewed not as a technique but as a process involving both people and data, and as such the whole process is inadequate.Best-practice performance appraisals are much less about judging a contribution than about finding ways as possible making the contribution valuable. Clearly there is no perfect template in increasing the frequency of feedback, an offer effective appraisals by trained supervisor, and involving employees are key elements in creating performance management systems that get results.

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To determine the best appraisal method or form/feedback to use, depends on the objectives of the organization. Noted that, the success of the performance appraisal process does not just lie in the formal method or form/feedback used once or twice a year. It depends on the manager’s human relations skills in ongoing critical incidents coaching, and an accurate effective measures of performance so that everyone knows why they are rated being evaluative, as well as how to improvise for the next assessment.

However no such research has been done to show if performance appraisal really acts as a motivator to employees. Yet, Bratton and Gold (2003) and Bowles and Coates (1993) claimed motivation to be one of the purposes of appraisals and this remains unconditional to know whether performance appraisal has a role to play in employees’ motivation.


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