In like myself, are taught the fundamentals

In the second grade, I vividly recollect seeing, for the first time, a beautiful geometrically shaped, white mid century modern designed house with large glass windows as well as seeing for the first time, wood being used on the exterior. Inspired and intrigued as a kid of what I saw, and so heavily drawn to the aspects of design, I realized that when I grow older, I did not want to perform surgeries nor extract wisdom teeth, or even be a businessman. I knew that I wanted to become an architect.

I wanted to design aesthetically pleasing buildings and make everything around me beautiful. Furthermore, growing up in a family that traveled a lot, I have always been immersed into a new and different culture every summer and have always been surrounded by uniquely and aesthetically designed buildings, structures, and statues. From travelling to countries across Asia, Europe, and Africa, I have been so heavily inspired by the work of architects such as Antoni Gaudi who designed some of my favorite buildings, Casa Batlló and La Sagrada Familia, both in Barcelona, and I.

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M. Pei who designed the louvre pyramid in Paris. Other buildings that have inspired me over the course of my travels include: Fountain di Trevi in rome, L’arc de Triomphe in Paris, and Duomo di Firenze in Florence. From travelling so much as a child and being heavily inspired by the work of these architects, my desire to become an architect grew even further.In addition, I have manifested architecture into my daily life by joining  the ACE (Architecture, Construction, and engineering) mentor program at my high school.

With this program, students like myself, are taught the fundamentals of architecture/design, construction, and engineering as well as getting a better understanding of what a career in each field is like. In addition, I also get to learn how to develop 2D as well as 3D blue beam models on a computer and with this program, we also get to design and construct architecture models. This program really prepares myself and gears me towards a major in architecture, construction, or engineering, however, I am more so drawn to the aspects of design and a career in the architecture field.Essentially, architecture has influenced me personally ever since I was a child and has been manifested into my daily life throughout my high school career and I could not imagine myself pursuing a career in another field.


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