In respects. He reflects on Mr. Rosicky’s life

In Willa Cather story the protagonist name is Anton Rosicky. I would say the protagonist in Willa Cather “Neighbour Rosicky” is Devoted, Stubborn, and Respected. The narrator starts the story with Mr. Rosicky visiting Dr.

Burleigh. During this visit, Mr. Rosicky finds out that he has a defective heart. Mr. Rosicky being such a good worker thought differently “No, I guess my heart was always pretty good… I got a little asthma, maybe… Just awful short breath when I was pitchin’ hay last summer, dat’s all” (Cather, 1928/2013, pg. 1863).

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I would imagine anyone who works hard like Mr. Rosicky would be in denial about his healthiness. Dr. Burleigh urges Mr. Rosicky to cut down his workload if he didn’t his heart would give out “You’re sixty- five years old, and you’ve always worked hard, and your heart’s tired” (Cather, 1928/2013, pg.

1863). Next, Mr. Rosicky was being stubborn with Dr. Bureleigh.

Mr. Rosicky goes on to ask Dr. Bureleigh a list of the stuff he can do: “Shelling corn and drinking coffee” (Cather, 1928/2013, pg. 1863)? Mr. Rosicky has a hard time trying to place his fantastic work ethic for lighter tasks “It ain’t no place fur a man… I don’t like no old man hanging round the kitchen too much” (Cather, 1928/2013, pg. 1864). Although Dr. Burleigh had some frustration during this appointment he still respected Mr.

Rosicky. Dr. Burleigh respected Mr. Rosicky’s work ethic and caring soul. When Mr. Rosicky had his heart attack that killed him; Dr. Bureleigh was on vacation.

Weeks passed by before Dr. Bureleigh paid his last respects. He reflects on Mr. Rosicky’s life at a graveyard “Nothing could be more undeath-like than this place; nothing could be more right for a man who had helped to do the work of great cities and had always longed for the open country and had got to it at last” (Cather, 1928/2013, pg. 1883).WC: 337Neighbor Rosicky provides a rare scenario where individuals defy the odds and refuse to become victims of the environment in which they live in. Rosicky and his wife live in a place where neighbors think that they lack good judgment simply because they do not see the value of making as much profit as they can.

For instance, instead of selling their daily cream they prefer to give it to their children. Instead of making profits from the cream, they rather have the health of their children and their happiness more. The pair chooses to live a life that is different than the expectations of the society.

Even when the doctor feels sorry that they do not seem to move up in life despite their hospitality, the two are happy and do not show any effort to let the economic situation mess up their happiness or their relationship. Another idea to demonstrate the couple’s ability to steer clear of the societies’ expectations is when the two get contented even when their neighbors acquire more property and feed more stock than them. Against expectations, these characters allow human values such as love, care, and compassion to take precedence over the economic environment. These characters are able to lead a life that is free from the influence of the misery, foulness and brutality of their neighbors.Wc252


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