In Love, at first sight, was another

In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night or What you Will, was a comedy-themed story that involved disappointment, misconceptions, and admiration towards men and women. Love was a major part of this story as it created great conflicts between the characters. Love, at first sight, was another incident that occurred between many characters that involved sacrificing your love for someone else and misinterpretations.

At least every teenager has experienced love at first sight once in their lifetime. Love at first sight in most cases means being physically attracted to the person. We might think that they are “The One” for us however it is not loving until you know enough information about them. Information such as their name, job, school, parents, and goals in life. This is because without any information there is about the person, it would very difficult to begin a serious relationship. Consequently, love, at first sight, is an irrational way to say you are “in love”.

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In spite of that, it does not technically love but infatuation. It is rare that teenagers would fall in love at first sight, despite the over exaggerated versions of teenage love stories shown in movies and books today. Movies such as Twilight, Romeo, and Juliet, and It’s a Wonderful Life all included love at first sight themes that dramatize the true meaning of love. Love, in fact, is way more than at first sight. In actuality, true love requires time, effort and sincere trust.


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