In manufacturing engineer. His involvement in industrial

In your opinion, how would a Gates scholarship/chance for studies in UK be valuable for the professional and academic development of the applicant?I am happy to commend Peace for a masters’ scholarship in UK for him to further his studies. He is current currently in his final year of study at the National University of Science and Technology. I have known him since he joined the University in 2014 August. He was under my close tutelage and I found in him a keen industrial and manufacturing engineer. His involvement in industrial projects and practical experiments were indicative of his abiding interest in the field of industrial technology.

He showed particular aptitude in the design of a Plastic Pelletizer Machine at Mega Pak Zimbabwe. The company acknowledged the good work Peace did during his internship and the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering is proud of the work done by this young man.Currently Peace is working on a very promising project with the title ‘Design of Solar Maize Dryer with Automated Parameter Control System’. This project has a potential to help communal farmers in Zimbabwe and I am impressed the young man has already started to use his technical skills to help the community. The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing and I have no doubt that He has the potential to achieve his goals and I strongly recommend his candidature for admission for a scholarship in UK. The knowledge He will get from a scholarship will help him improve his performance and develop appropriate mechanisms for manufacturing industries in Zimbabwe. Peace has showed beyond reasonable doubt to be particular about application academics to real life situations and his studies there will be provided to the right person who will come to Zimbabwe and work for the betterment of the Country and Africa at large.

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Briefly comment on the applicant’s potential to contribute to and/or drive social change in his/her context.Working as the member of NUST Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Society (NIMES), leader of AFM on campus at the same time an engineer, reassures that Peace is a responsible person who is able to lead and coordinate others so that there is flow of plans. Peace managed and communicated with the NIMES team on schedules and targets set out by the team. He also interacted and gathered important information, making sure every member of the team is aware of what is going on activities.

He has great potential to effect society change. Having the ability to relate with other people, He is able to articulate different problems arising from different personalities in the industry and communities. He conducted training on ISO standards which yielded tremendous results. This was a result of his good communication skills.

Peace has strong attribute of giving back to the society. He greatly influenced a team to raise funds and give back to the community. The AFM on campus held several outreach programs with the most thankful ones being Manhinga Orphanage Farm and Amaveni Old People’s Home.Please evaluate the applicant’s leadership capacity and potential to play a role in development of the society (e.g. in networking, motivation and perseverance; problem solving and communication).Please give a concrete example.Peace took each project to heart and never missed a deadline.

He is very calm and collected under pressure and has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills. He kept all members of the project staff as informed of the progress through every phase and He possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. His memberships to the NIMES Society provided a platform for him to prove his competency. He assigned the right individuals for each small task and provided detailed instructions, encouragement and advice and so that everyone gets a clear direction and took part in the overall success of the projects/tasks.During his time as the Secretary General of NIMES Society, here, He played an important role in connecting industry to students, organizing industrial visits, arranging with industrial expects to accommodate students to do work studies in their respective companies.Peace was also actively involved in presentations of the Faculty of Industrial Technology.

Either he was an organizer or a presenter. I am pleased to inform you that Peace has proved to be very effective in our department that, we were successful in organization of many tasks he was assigned to do. Peace proved to be very energetic young man who always did assignments exceptionally well. Because of these attributes, I believe Peace has great leadership potential.

Additional remarks (optional)Peace has the ability to grasp new concepts with ease and is capable of articulating his thoughts with lucidity. I understand that his aim is to earn a master’s program after acquiring his undergraduate program. Due to his great attitude, dedication and excellent potential, I would heartily recommend that you consider him for a scholarship study in UK. I am sure that he would not let you down and would be as great an asset to our team.


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