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In your post, you felt that the basic research method was a great place to start. However, I would disagree with that stance. The goal of basic research is problem-solving based. However, the basic research goal is to solve perplexing questions or obtain new knowledge of an experimental or theoretical nature that has little direct or immediate impact on action (Cooper, 2017). In Toyota’s situation, the company needed an immediate solution to a real world problem that could potentially cause someone their life.

Due to the immediate need for action to solve this problem, I feel that applied research is the better route to go for Toyota and their researchers. “Researchers often are asked to respond to “problems” that managers needed to solve. Applied research has a practical problem-solving emphasis” (Cooper, 2017). Toyota needs a practical problem-solving emphasis and solution for their defective product.

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“The problem-solving nature of applied research means it is conducted to reveal answers to specific questions related to action, performance, or policy needs” (Cooper, 2017). Therefore, Toyota needs to employ the applied research method to remedy their problem of stuck accelerator pedals. “Basic research is mainly publicly funded and extends the knowledge base of an economy by generating novel ideas, theories, and prototypes that are usually of no immediate commercial use. Applied research, on the other hand, is primarily carried out by private firms, which commercialize the output of basic research by transforming it into blueprints for new products” (Gersbach, 2018). However, Toyota can use basic research, after applied research is used, to remedy the suck accelerator issue. Both types of research do compliment each other through the research process.

Applied research benefits from basic research due to the basic research providing theoretical knowledge. This theoretical knowledge will help allow Toyota to better understand the reason for the stuck accelerator issue. Toyota can then implement changes based on research to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.


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