Increased to varied backgrounds, different working styles and

Increased efficiency and productivity – a team can achieve more than a single person working alone, different ideas coming together to fill in any gaps and blending complementary strengths help to achieve the end goal much quicker. When members of a team work together it should always be a chance to learn from someone who may have stronger skills in certain areas than you do.
Increased problem solving skills – Brainstorming for effective solutions as a team often yields better results. Collaborative efforts and range of skill sets in a team solutions for problems can be found and implemented much more easily.
Greater opportunity for innovation helping to promote creativity and learning – effective teamwork fuels great minds to generate great ideas and turn them into a reality. It helps to promote creativity and prevent stale view points and mental blocks which often happen as a result of working solo.
Supportive working environment, builds trust and teaches conflict resolution skills – teams that work well together are supportive and respecting of each others ideas and opinions and respect the diversity within the team. When you put a group of individuals together to work on something as a collective, conflict can arise due to varied backgrounds, different working styles and habits. Employees must work this out for themselves before turning to management, learning conflict resolutions skills first hand is an important skill to have and can lead you to be a successful manager in the future. It is important to support each other when working as a team, while leader may be appointed the team should have a sense of unity. Team work is great for building and maintaining morale among team members, it is always comforting to know you have someone to turn to when you come across an obstacle. Teamwork establishes strong connections with coworkers, when you put your trust in a coworker you are establishing the foundations of a relationship that can endure minor conflict. Open communication comes from trust which is key when wanting to ensure the group works as a cohesive team.
Greater sense of accomplishment – team projects encourage employees to feel proud of contributions. It is often a greater satisfaction to achieve these goals as a team.


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