Indentured vast amount of land to care for

Indentured servants was introduced in Colonial America, in 1607 Jamestown, Virginia, Colonists had a vast amount of land to care for and needed cheap labor for plantations. The purpose was to attract workers to the newly settled colony as an indentured servant for several years of labor in exchanged they was given a written contract to provide their service, for passage to America and the grant of land, they were giving the basic needs, such as food, clothing, a place to stay, but most of all hope for better opportunity of a new life in America for the folks that survive some of the harsh conditions.”The first Africans in America arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, as indentured servants in 1619. With no slave laws in place, they were initially treated as indentured servants and given the same opportunities for freedom dues as whites, when the contract expired, the servants was free. However slave laws were soon passed in Virginia in 1661, so any small freedoms that might have existed for blacks were taken away”.

( Slaves were laborers who had no contract or rights and had to work for their owners for their entire live. When the indentured servants completed their contracts the plantation owners replaced them with African slaves. The Life of slave compare to and indentured servant is that slavery was a never ending involuntary contract, to become free a slave would have to escape and if they are caught most often they were killed.

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The United States experienced three waves of immigration that happen during different periods of time, and brought people from different Countries, cultural, and religious backgrounds to the United States. One of the major waves of immigrations was during the colonial era. There were many factors that contributed to the immigration movement which was considered to be the “push, pull, passage” this happens with the manifestations of war, persecution, poverty, violence, and hunger which caused many people to be move to another country where there was opportunity, freedom of religion, available land. The second wave of immigrants happen in the late1800’s. Immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe, due to the “push pull passage”, war and persecution.

A massive wave of Irish Catholics who was escaping the horrors of the Great Famine back in Ireland, In Ireland most of the population depended on potatoes for food when the potato crop continued to fail, it led to a great famine. Over 750,000 people starved to death. The Third wave happen during 1965 Latin America and Asia immigrants entered in America due to poverty and violence as well.


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