India for various traditional games as well; Kerala

India is well known by the adventure sports it offers because of the rocky terrain and mountainous spots within the country. Sports tourism in India has scored a high place among the tourism industry. Sports in terms of tourism are majorly categorized by adventurous activities in India.

There are various destinations in India which offers sports tourism which an individual can indulge during his/her vacation. India is a popular holiday destination in the western world; not only westerners but people across the world comes to this country to experience the historical essence and mountainous and river adventures of this country. Sport is an integral part of the Indian tourism; it is lucrative from the point of revenue earning.The country is a destination which offers a great scope of adventure sports to tourists, namely, Skiing in the Himalayan Ranges, a bicycle tour on the Indian roads and scintillating lanes, canoeing and river rafting in Rishikesh.

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All of the mentioned sports are major tourist (within country and outside) attraction. Himachal Pradesh offers astounding mountaineering, rock climbing, and various aero-sports like paragliding and ballooning; Darjeeling and Uttaranchal also offers the some of the same sports mentioned above. India is also famous for various traditional games as well; Kerala offers snake boat race which attracts many tourists. The Indian peninsular region encourages Golf activities which the international tourists are often engaged in. Golf is the sport which is popular among the western tourists and also gaining interest among the locals.


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