Individual which we can solve the problems

Individual ReflectionThis study has helped me to gain much knowledge on the various methodologies used in creativity and innovation. Also, this study has helped me to know how to solve real life problems using those methodologies. Firstly we were required to access a problem that exists in a company. The problems helped us to know the possible causes due to which the company is facing the problem.

So in order to solve the problems we have used brainstorming to come up with lots of ideas. Also the divergent thinking method is used to solve the stated issue. I also came to know about the possible ways through which we can solve the problems in a company using the creativity and innovation methods and techniques. So our team used parallel thinking and collaborative thinking approaches to discuss in detail the effectiveness of each solution. The process of using the solutions was quite exhausting but fruitful as well. This has opened up a pretty exciting opportunity to give myself permission to just think and create and utilise those skills. This report detailed the stages for the innovation process to convert good ideas into great solutions for the community.

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It also explored the traits people need to display to make this happen. So this report has made a significant difference in my life and my experience as a student.I have learnt that team is more successful when members within it are able to create synergy. Since our goals, objectives, tasks, and priorities were larger than any individual, teamwork was required. When team members know how to be more effective together, synergy happens and success is achieved. I have also understood the importance of teamwork.

I considered every member of my team as important as each person brought unique skills, knowledge, and experience. My Team members also brought energy, drive, passion, and determination. Increasing the strength of each team member produced greater team success and results. I along with my team members approached all the issues quite confidently as I knew our collective strengths could help to complete this study properly.


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