Individuals new ideas. This is represented in

Individuals carry their belief and assumption about people and the world in which enables new ideas. This is represented in jane Harrison 1950’s play “Rainbows End”.It is also made evident in the short story ” On the sidewalk bleeding” a tale where a guy finds his own identity and who he really is.An individual’s belief on others and the world creates curiosity which then generates new ideas. His is made evident in “Rainbows End ” by Jane Harrison, where it shows cultural conflicts between European society and the Aboriginal Society, as both thought different of each other. This was demonstrated through “White gloves” As this symbolised the upper class European Society in contrast to Gladys and the Aboriginal with black/dark hands. This demonstrates the cultural difference between the two societies and caused judgments and beliefs.

New ideas are generated through an individual’s thoughts on a group of people or the world. This was made evident in the short story ” On the Sidewalk Bleeding” as it demonstrates how he once felt protected and happy to be apart of the gang, which to him meant family. Andy found pride being apart of the ‘Royals’ as he believed being apart of this gang will bring to him happiness and the sense of protection.This was symbolised by the purple jacket ” On the jacket next to the heart, ANDY!” This demonstrates what the gang meant to him as it was close to his heart. Although as he is beaten up by another group of people he discovers the belief of happiness and protection he felt in the gang was wrong, this was shown when it says “Rolled away from the jacket”. This allows the audience to see the separation between the ‘Royals’ and him, allowing him to become his own person and assisting him in finding his own sense of identity.An individual’s belief on people and the world can determine whether they feel at home or happy. This was made evident in Jane Harrisons play “Rainbows End” when nan dear shows a connection to the land.

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“My Birth certificate says ” Murray RIver” born there and by cricket, i’m gonna go back there and die” This Shows that Nan Dear is filled with Happiness and living there allowed her to find out who she is. Colloquial language was used as it represented a conversation and the cultural language between the european and the Aboriginal. ” A real hom? A real home is where there are people looking out for you” This represents how Dolly is able to find her sense of belonging and identity through being happy in a real home. This enables her to find herself valueIndividuals beliefs and assumptions on people and to the world can create new ideas


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