Industrial work, AGVs are capable of running

Industrial guided Vehicle that transports all kind of product with human intervention in production. The IGV’s serves many of the industry with greater efficiency compared to the manual functioning it is implemented by using ardinuo and line following command.
The main usage of IGV is for dispatching the goods from one location to another with greater ease. Earlier this was done completely by human effort which was not that efficient.
Humans make mistakes. By replacing the human element with AGVs, you remove some of the potential for inaccurate workflows, ultimately reducing waste and increasing output, allowing your operations to become more productive and accurate. And whereas human personnel are limited in how long they can work, AGVs are capable of running 24/7. All of this increased safety leads to reduced cost and reduced operational downtime, which can ultimately increase profitability of many operations.
In addition to the obvious improvements in accuracy and productivity, by integrating AGVs with a warehouse control system or a warehouse management system, you can streamline processes such as inventory and materials ordering.
So, our aim is to solve industrial transportation issue.


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