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Information System:1. Transaction Processing System Based on my own research, transaction processing system is one of the most usually used for a business, they also called it as the real-time processing. Transaction processing system is the one who is providing a way that will display modify, collect, store, retrieve, process or cancel a transaction. Some of these systems also permit multiple transactions to take place synchronously. All of the data that the system gathered and collected is normally stored in the database.

It is usually use on producing reports such as in inventory summaries, in billing, in wages, in check registers and in manufacturing schedules. Some of the characteristics of transaction processing system are it is reliable, its performance and we can say that it is consistent. And to achieve this, the data should be ready and accessible in the data warehouse.Transaction processing systems are frequently compared in the batch processing and in batch process system, where there are so many requests that all are executed at the same time.

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Although each result of the transactions in batch processing is not that immediately available so you still have to wait for it. And it may also cost some delay especially when there are many requests that are needed to be stored, executed and eventually to be organized. While in transaction processing the results of each of them are available immediately and there are no delays. But some errors may take place if the time for batch processing is delay. Even though in transaction processing errors may occur, they are still tolerated and infrequent, and it doesn’t usually shut down your entire system.2. Management Information System Management information system is a type of information system which uses the data that collected in the transaction processing system and it eventually uses the data to create and make reports that in some way a manager can use this to make a pattern in making business decisions in responding to a problem.

Most of the data that the information system did are ad hoc reports, exception and summary reports. All of this is done for increasing the productiveness of managerial doings. In the historical reason, numerous of the different kind of information system is found in the commercial organizations that are mentioned to as a management information system. Management information system is built on the data that provided by the transaction processing system.

Though within in the pyramid model, management information system is a management level system which is used by those middle managers for them to help to make sure the smooth running of the organizations in the small into medium form. The highly structured information provided by the systems permits the managers to estimate the organizations performance by the way of comparing present with the former outputs. These are some of the benefits and advantages of MIS; companies will be able to classify their weakness and the strengths due to the existence of profits reports, the performance records of employee and etc. Classifying these features will help the company to improve the business operations and process. It is also acting as planning tool for communication. It is also giving the whole picture of the company.

3. Decision Support SystemDecision support system or DSS that is organizational decision making or a supports business is also an information system. It is also about helping to make a good decision by analyzing and working on a data that will be able to generate statistical projections and data models. A decision support system also helps to solve a problem while using the eternal data. The system will be giving and contributes support instead of replacing a manager’s judgment while enriching the quality of the manager’s decision. Operations, planning the levels of an organization, management and help people to make their decision are some of the decision support system serve. It can be human powered, can be computerized too if you like, but you can also use it both at the same time.

Users of the decision support system see it as a tool that they use in the organizational processes because it will really help in decision making process. It is also easy to use for those people who are non-computer proficient because it only focuses on the features in the interactive mode. And in using decision support system the user’s decision making approach in the environment is adaptable and flexible when accommodating in changes. In the decision support system knowledge based system is also included.

It helps the decision makers to compile that useful and meaningful information from the combinations of documents, files, personal knowledge, business models or raw data that will solve problems and identify and will make decisions.4. Expert Systems and Neutral Networks The expert systems and neutral network is also called as a knowledge-based system which represents rules and facts. It is a computer system which is designed to study and analyze the data and to produce a diagnosis, decisions and recommendations that are controlled. Neutral system uses a computer to develop and help the human brain a way to process knowledge, information, remember and to learn that data. For you to be able to solve complex problems by reasoning through bodies of knowledge, represented mainly as if-then rules instead of through conventional procedural code, expert system is designed for it.

Artificial intelligence’s first truly successful form is the expert system which is first created on 1970’s. There are two subsystems of expert system which is the knowledge base and the interference engine. Applying the rules to the known facts to deduce and discover new facts is what interference engine do. And it also includes the debugging and explanation abilities. While knowledge base, is representing the facts and the rules.The objective of this knowledge based system is to make the critical information necessary for its system to work it explicit rather than implicit. Logic is embedded in code which can naturally only be reviewed by an IT specialist in the traditional computer program. With this expert system the objective was to list down the rules in a format which was easily to understand and intuitive, reviewed and should be edited by the domain experts rather than those IT experts.

The profits of the explicit knowledge demonstration were rapid development and ease of maintenance.


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