Information Internet where they can store their data

Information Technology (IT) has appeared as an important component of society.

In recent era, online technologies have changed the way of learning. Cloud computing is a technique in which services are provided to the users via Internet where they can store their data and information. The cloud consist of large number of computers that are interconnected through a huge network. These computers can be personal computers or network servers inside any organization.

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It could be a way, a service, or even an operating system, which provides hosting and storage services on the large network. The main goal of the cloud computing is to provide scalable and inexpensive on-demand computing infrastructure with good quality of service levels such as e-learning, online data storage, backup solution. Infact in recent years the universities in Bahrain are concentrating more on the online context of E-Learning (cloud) by using the Internet to enhance education. Cloud computing is agile, hugely accessible and resources can be accessed by the users without any specialized knowledge about the concept of cloud computing.Therefore, the aim of this study is to present, not only the services offered by the cloud in education, but also how cloud computing is perceived by students. It also discusses the student’s opinion towards the usage of cloud computing services in terms of preference and satisfaction.


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