Infrastructures are the major issues

Infrastructures are the major issues for the success of any planed activity. The results of the study revealed that :- in the study area high municipality requiring infrastructures, residents understood use of infrastructure incomprehensiveness, there is big ambition availability of Landfills , understood lack of infrastructures is harm full and motors, garbage’s, and containers are very use full to manage solid waste management but, there is absent of all . 5.

3 CONCLUSIONSBased on the above summery, the finding of this study also indicates the possible solutions forwarded by respondents to ensure effective way of solid waste management. The possible suggested solutions include; strengthening stakeholders participation, strengthening monitoring and evaluation system, strengthening development kebele team leaders and integrating other institutions, organizing additional waste collectors, reform organizational structure, create awareness by providing training for leaders, residents, stakeholders and sanitation and beautification workers presence of effective participation of all stakeholders in solid waste management helps to ensure safe and healthy environmental, social, poletical and economic development. 5.4 RECOMMENDATIONS Based on the findings of the study, the following recommendations are forwarded so as to reduce practices and challenges of solid waste management in Mekane Selam town administration.• Stakeholders, residents, institutions, governmental and non governmental bodies should aware the impact of poor solid waste management committed and participated to reduce poor solid waste management.• Leaders should honest, active and working together to engage the town household and

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