Inspiring great role model for others, overcoming

Inspiring and motivating my sub-ordinates, being a great role model for others, overcoming setbacks, pushing myself to set higher goals is my leadership vision. After going through some of the Leadership self-assessment quizzes, and looking through at the guidelines for action and development I see myself doing well as in progressing in the right direction. Now when talking about transformational leadership I believe that I have so far done a good job. In my previous roles at different workplaces I have been part of aspects such as taking difficult decisions, I have also been pro-active, adopted to long range broad perspectives, have worked in those areas which required instant change. In terms of my own behaviours and approach that reflects charisma I acquire some charismatic tendencies as well that includes thinking positively, having optimism and self-confidence, being enthusiastic, I was able to build respect and trust among my sub-ordinates in my previous workplaces, I have been involved where I had to offer my vision and others accepted it.

But in order to perform in a charismatic manner I believe that there is still room for improvement. When I say room for improvement I am reflecting on factors such as thinking big, smiling frequently even though if I am not in a happy mood as a smile generates a trust factor, confidence. So overall after evaluating myself critically in order to be a successful charismatic and transformational leader I see myself heading in the right direction with right ideas and doing well

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