Instagram a particular organization. Furthermore, the purpose

Instagram is a relatively new form of communication where users can easily share their updates by taking photos and tweaking them using filters. It has seen rapid growth in the number of users as well as uploads since it was launched in October 2010. Although it is the most popular photo capturing and sharing application it has attracted relatively less attention from the research community. In this paper I will be evaluating Instagram and based on that I identify the different types of active users on Instagram using clustering. My results reveal several insights about Instagram which that include: Follower amount, Memes, Funny videos drama, and celeberitys etc… and more. Social media has had and continues to have a substantial impact on our daily lives. Organizations have realized about its potential and currently they are present in most of the popular social network sites. There has not been any previous research on how organizations use Instagram and the effects that it provides. Therefore, this research studies the use of Instagram in a particular organization. Furthermore, the purpose of the study is to explore the influence that participating in content creation of Instagram has for the employees. Nevertheless, there has been a few studies about the internal effects of social media in organizations and it has been identified that social media improves employee engagement. This thesis aims to substantiate it in the case of Instagram.


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