‘Instagrammable’ swimming and sunbathing on the beach,

‘Instagrammable’ Sweater WeatherWhat a better way to give time for your family and friends after all the stress at work or school? This coming summer, most Filipino usually do are swimming and sunbathing on the beach, but some of us will prefer the cool weather while sipping on hot chocolate with a breathtaking view of mountains.

Baguio City known as The Summer Capital of The Philippines is one of the most popular tourist destination because of its cool breeze especially in hot weather season. The duration of the trip to Baguio is eight hours so, get ready for a long drive and sing along with your family and friends. When you pass through the dangerous but thrilling, Kenny road, you will see the magnificent view of mountains and waterfalls especially the lion’s head that labeled as the landmark statue of Baguio City.

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After the roller coaster ride, there are many tourists spots to go to that will considered ‘instagrammable,’ that is why don’t forget to always bring DSLR or phone camera with you in every location. First spot is the picturesque Mines View Park, where the abandoned gold and copper mines located with a view of the town as well as the spectacular Cordillera mountains on the deck. Furthermore, in just worth of 20 pesos, you can have many shots of picture dressed in traditional ifugao clothing or with Doglas, a giant furry dog. Another scenic place is the Botanical Garden where several beautiful plants were freshly grown due to the cool climate. You were surrounding with delicate flowers that you can’t prevent yourself from taking pictures. Inspired by the Buckingham Palace in London, The Mansion where Philippine president remains whenever they have engagements with important people along with its beautiful garden, you will be amazed on how they construct it. The Mansion is really fascinating, it’s like the royalties will appear in their expensive cars.

In the cold temperature, you really need a variety of jackets where you can make an ‘OOTD’ out of it, the Night Market is where people mostly buy their different coats in just a little amount of money. The Night Market is located in Horrison road that is why you can eat in a restaurant or fast food chain after you go shopping. If Manila have Luneta Park, where every students, couple and family always visited, Baguio City got Burnham Park. You can have a picnic, row a boat with your friends or go biking and stroll around the park.

Going to Baguio will not be completed when you didn’t try their best selling and freshly yield strawberries in Strawberry Farm. You can also buy a lot of souvenirs like strawberry jam, strawberry flavored wine, peanuts and vegetables in just a low cost.After all the school works and physical things you did at work, the cool weather, amazing view and many attractive places to go to is what we craved for. If you really want to relax and appreciate the beauty of the nature, Baguio City is the answer to relieve your stress and have a good escape.


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