Instrumental time. Also, you need to reflect on

Instrumental Design and Construction TaskBy: Diya GargInitial Artistic Intention Some brainstorming about possible instrument choices, and how you would make each one: this could be done as a table. You could also show the pros and cons of each one.

Reason why you chose the instrument you did.Diagram of your chosen instrument, and how you plan to construct it. Research on the links to the World Music culture: detailed information (with citations) on the original instrument and its culture, how is it made? How is it played? What function does the music have in the culture/society? And any other information you can find. Please use your own words and credit your sources. A Damaru is an Indian instrument. It is a small two-headed drum.

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This instrument is thought to have been created by an Indian god, Shiva. Diagram to show the construction process at each stage. Reflections on the whole process, for example at the end of each lesson/HW time. Also, you need to reflect on your finished instrument, especially regarding the sounds/timbres that it produces.

Are you happy with it? Does it look/sound like you intended it to? Is there anything you could do/have done to improve the instrument?


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