Interactionism actions of other individual in the society.This

Interactionism is a sociological perspective that focuses on the role of social action. This perspective looks the social system on the smaller scale social interactions such as interactions between individual and small social groups rather than the larger scale or groups such as the entire population of the country. In addition, this also emphasises the way the people act and and how they approach making choices about their behaviour which progress from how they interpret situations. This means that an individual must adjust his/her behaviour based on the actions of other individual in the society.This perspective has been criticised because of its approach towards the society as this perspective put more highlights on the behaviour of an individual and not the social structure.

It also mainly about micro-scale which occurs between an individual or small groups that didn’t link on the society. One of its criticisms is it does not look on the larger or bigger social factors that could influence an individual’s behaviour as interactionists based their idea on interactions between small groups than bigger issues. Moreover, interactionism has shown how the labelling of behaviour is a social process that has implications for the way people are treated and identify themselves in health and social care settings.

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