Interesting the construction, which lasted twenty years, ended

Interesting fact number 2It is assumed that the construction, which lasted twenty years, ended about 2540 BC. e In Egypt, officially established and celebrated the date of the construction of the pyramid of Cheops – August 23, 2470 BC. e.Interesting fact number 3However, there are other assumptions. Thus, the Arab historian Ibrahim bin ibn Vassouff Shah believed that the pyramids of Giza were erected by an antediluvian king named Saurid. Abu Zeid el Bachi writes about an inscription stating that the Great Pyramid of Cheops was built about 73,000 years ago. Ibn Batuta claimed (and not only him) that the pyramids were built by Hermes Trismegistus, etc. Very interesting is the hypothesis of the Russian scientist Sergei Proskuryakov, who believes that the pyramids were built by the Aliens from Sirius and that the architect Hemiun himself was from Sirius.

Vladimir Babanin also believes that the pyramids were built by Aliens from Sirius, and possibly from the Dess of the constellation Cygnus in time immemorial, but in the time of Cheops the pyramids were restored. Some believe that the pyramids were built by the AtlanteansInteresting fact number 4The version seems to be logical, that in any case, the Pyramids were erected already after the poles shifted on the Earth, otherwise it would be impossible to orient the Pyramids with such incredible accuracy with which they are located today.Interesting fact number 5Initially, the height of the Cheops pyramid was 146.6 meters. But time mercilessly dissolved 7 meters and 85 centimeters of this majestic design. Simple calculations show that now the pyramid has a height of 138 meters and 75 centimeters.

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Interesting fact number 6The perimeter of the pyramid is 922 meters, the ground area is 53,000 square meters (comparable to the area of 10 football fields). Scientists have estimated the total weight of the pyramid, which amounted to more than 5 million tons.Interesting fact number 7The pyramid consists of more than 2.2 million large stone blocks of limestone, granite and basalt, the average weight of each of which is about 2.5 tons. In total there are 210 rows of blocks in the pyramid.

The heaviest block weighs about 15 tons. The base is a rocky elevation, whose height is 9 meters. Initially, the surface of the pyramid was a smooth surface, because was covered with a special material.Interesting fact number 8The entrance to the pyramid is at an altitude of 15.63 meters on the north side. The entrance is made of stone slabs, laid in the form of an arch.

This entrance to the pyramid was sealed with a granite corkInteresting fact number 9Today, tourists get inside the pyramid through the 17m break, which was made in 820 by Caliph Abu Ja’far al-Ma’mun. He hoped to find there an incalculable treasure of the pharaoh, but found there only a layer of dust a half-cubit thick.Interesting fact number 10Inside the Cheops pyramid there are three burial chambers located one above the other.Interesting fact number 11When the sun moves around the pyramid, you can notice the unevenness of the walls – the concavity of the central part of the walls. Perhaps the cause of this is erosion or damage as a result of the fall of the stone cladding. It is also possible that this was done specially during constructionInteresting fact number 12One of the earliest hypotheses considered the Egyptian (and other) pyramids as tombs, hence the names: the camera of the king (pharaoh) and the chamber of the queen.

However, according to many modern Egyptologist scientists, the pyramid of Cheops as a tomb was never used, but had a completely different purpose.


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