Interior role that interior designing plays is

Interior design is type of artShahad Saeed AlrashdiIntroduction: For several years, people believe that interior design is all about décor and furniture. We all know that designing places is depended to the person’s style. But, there is a different between interior design and décor design.

The interior design is working with the space of a place and make it comfortable environment, more functional place. “Therefore, the role that interior designing plays is not less important than the architecture of your home when it comes to planning your interiors design”( 2018, Jack ,T) However, interior designers transform the place from empty boring, small room to a wide and modern in smart tricks. The same as the artist who turns the white canvas with his brush into a very impressive painting. However, in my way of thinking I believe that Interior design is a form of art with an aesthetic connection.

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And that is showing in the elements used in Interior design, and how does it affect person’s mood, Interior design creates comfortable environments, and the trick that used in interior design.Argument: Do you ever tried to change your home décor to be like a décor you saw in a place you went to or a photo you saw? We all did that but we didn’t get the same place even if we buy the same furniture. Here is the job of the interior designer, who will use different element appropriate with your room.

First element is walls and flooring. Working with walls means working with colors and textures. And that depend on the size of the room what is this room (bedroom, dining, living room…) Also, the age of the person’s room. The color of both walls and floor defined the space of the room, . For example: if we have a small room we don’t paint the walls in black and the reason is we will see the room smaller because the dark walls makes the place smaller.

And, the light colors are the opposite of dark colors. It will make the place look bigger. Therefore, the walls and floor color defined the size of the room, and for the effects of people by watching the color. Moreover, there are lots of flooring type. there is wood, ceramic, floor covered with carpets. The designer chooses the flooring type by the style of the room and the design he wants to achieve. the most important part which makes a huge different is the accessories on the room. The accessories is like the finishing touch on the place even one vase can make a different.

Walls and doors has the creative part in interior design. Means that giving the door a different design than the regular door, that will exploit the spaces. Moving to the furniture, this kind of design don’t request lots of furniture. Because these designs mostly applied in the small area places. Every interior designer has his own style and his own ideas on how spaces flow together, combine fabrics, furniture placement, and how to make the place cohesive. Also, every designer has his own way of solving problems. (2017) However, there are lots of tricks on we can use in interior designs.

Arrangement of the elements or the furniture is a smart trick that can change the whole place. In museums, they arrange the elements to attract more people and the visitors rate raise up. (Journal of history, 2017).

Also the arrangement of the elements could separate the place or connect the whole place. Another trick is adding natural elements in the place. Like the planets or fishbowl or even a water fountain and the reason for that is take off the negative energy. (Azarbouyehdinaki, G., Eghbali, P., & Ghazizadeh, K. (2017).

). One. The creative designer will have his signature in flooring and walls. There is some designers who make their own flooring in a creative and new way which make their design unique.

They design the flooring and wall using pennies, painting in the wall, 3d shapes, mirrors, glass, wood, metal…etc. However, Interior design has a strong effect on the person’s mood. The color of the place design will effect the mood of the person. (CORB, M. ,2017) That because the first thing the eyes will see is the colors. We have warm colors and cool colors and we use both of them but, warm colors tended to produce stronger participant responses when rating the scene on high arousal,( Perceptual ; Motor Skills Apr2011).

And the Cool colors tended be associated with “not very arousing,” but to be rated higher on “spacious” and “restful.” ( Perceptual ; Motor Skills Apr2011).The environment of the place can take off the stress, negative energy and the make person relaxed. ( Sedighi, S., ; Sedighi, A. A.

(2017).) So, the Interior design can create a comfortable environment for people. By designing the place to convenient the person living in the room. That designer will know the design that will create a convenience environment by asking the clients about what he love and what he not, Choosing the kind of styles he wants on his place, it could be modern or classic or vintage or simple… etc. after that the designer will finish the project by giving the clients an environment matching him and what he want. Also, the neutral elements, who create a comfortable environment. Therefore, glass, long windows and doors are creating comfortable environments because the sunlight come through these elements. That light can make a comfortable environment.

Counterarguments:According to (Sedighi, S., ; Sedighi, A. A., 2017.) Interior design is a inspiration, and talent because not everyone could design that. There are people don’t believe that interior design is art. But as we can see that interior design is connecting to aesthetic art by balancing the colors.

Also, it has the same effects as painting in color usage. Every color will show or send something and it will reflect on the human. (2017) People studied the painting colors, to defined the story and what the image were painted for.

And that is like the interior design. Interior design will give people the style of the place owner, the message of every color. Moreover, Architecture is an art and it is related to the interior design by the same processing.

you must measure everything and study the size of the place make a be creative, f knowing the trends, ability to solve problem in short time, exploitation the spaces and care about the finishing. (RASKIN, L, 2018) Also, both architecture and interior design has the steps of processing. the interior designer meet the costumer and check the house.

After talking with the costumer, the designer sketch few designs and show it to the costumer to choose but that is optional because some clients trust on the designer choice and they don’t see their house until it is finished, like “Robeson design show” which is a reality show for the interior designer Rebecca Robeson who transformed people’s houses. However, if the costumer had his choice, the designer start the project by transforming the place to an appropriate place that will give a convenience environment to the place owner. And that includes construction if it is needed. In Addition, the elements used in interior design showing the creativity, smart trick designers used. There is a lot of elements in interior design (for example: doors, windows, furniture, decor…etc.

). One element can change the whole place if you add it on the right place. Moreover, the designer can play with the colors of these elements in the way of his style and creativity. Conclusion:Overall, Interior design is an architect depends on exploit room spaces into smart and creative ways. Interior design has lots choices in elements and tricks. This kind of designs has effects on the person’s mood, it can create a comfortable environment that matches the person style and routine. I believe that Interior design is a art form with an aesthetic connection. And that because of the creativity of the elements, its a talent that you solve the space problem in a smart way.

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