International is the job of making things

International Marketing StrategiesThe main tasks of international marketers are to study and understand cultures, where they’ll be doing business and be experts in products services orsolutions about to be offered. marketing strategies is the job of making things happen that might not otherwise occur. marketing strategies allows for rapid growth of the international changing markets increasing competition and the turbulent challenges of different national markets.

It relates to the formulation of goals and methods of accomplishing them so it is both a process and philosophy. successful marketing strategies is evaluating company objectives including management’s commitment and philosophical orientation to international business. These is divided into four phases: Phase one which is the preliminary analysis and screening to matching the company and country needs. After that we move to phase two which is the adaption of the marketing mix to target the new markets.

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Then phase three is developing the marketing plan to suit the new market then finally phase four is the implementation and control of the new market by the company.An entry strategy into the international market should reflect on analysis of market characteristics such as potential sales strategic importance locus of decision considerations of where decisions will be made by whom and by which method constitutes a major element of organizational strategy an infinite number of organizational patterns for the headquarters activities of multinational firms exist but most fit into one of three categories centralized regionalised decentralized in order to fully understand the four piece it’s important to understand the history behind their development it all started with the term marketing mix in the 1940s James Carlton described the position of marketing manager as someone who is a mixer of in credence more than a decade later Neal H Borden published the concept of the marketing mix which was an adaptation of Cullerton’s original theory. The marketing mix included product pricing planning branding distribution channels advertising promotions personal selling packaging display servicing physical handling and fact-finding and analysis it wasn’t until a Jerome McCarthy grouped each aspect into four categories or the four P’s of marketing.


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