INTERVIEW 1. As I interviewed Ps Gabasiane first,

INTERVIEWThe two (2) Pastors that I have interviewed joined the ministry long ago around 1975 and the other one in 1980.

During that time, Adventism was not known in Botswana. They joined the ministry during the time of Pastor Cooks.And during their Ministry, they used to travel with bicycles around, doing some visitation and the missionary work. What made them to stay so long in the ministry until they retired was the issue of Prayer and Dedication to the ministry, self-denial and the conviction that this work is a God given work.

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Ps Kitso B Gabasiane and Ps Stephen Mpatane are the Pastors whom I interviewed. Ps K.B Gabasiane was a Teacher before, but when he heard the Call to the ministry he had to quit Government to come and join the ministry.

Apart from the Praying life, dedications and commitment to the ministry, the two (2) pastors shared their experiences as Pastors.EXPERIENCES1. As I interviewed Ps Gabasiane first, and later on I interviewed Ps Stephen Mpatane, something common was clear, they all champed their voices and became a bit serious, though the interview was done online.They all called me “Son”, from their responses, Ministry during their time was very challenging because they had no houses to stay in, Transportation was only by bicycles, No Communication Media except by letters which would take a lot of time.People were grounded in their idol worshiping, they were not well received in so many places but God was with them.

2. Fortunately, they were once elected into position of Publishing Director at a Conference level, but by then it was a mission field. Their success was solemnly based in prayer.They used to pray hard, Praying for the Department, Praying for the Literature Evangelists and their families.The challenge they faced was within, some Pastors gave them a hard time because they believed those two (2) were not educated, so they cannot lead a department.The two senior Pastors just retired from work after 28years of services in Pastoral Ministry.

The experience that they have, they said in advising these Young Pastors is that;1. They need to depend on Prayer.2. They should treat everyone equally whether one is Rich or Poor, they should not be ground in issues of Racial Discrimination.3. If they are criticized, they must prove their critics wrong by working hard.

4. They should be careful with issues of Girls/Ladies and church financies.The two(2) pastors continued to say, they are a living Testimony when it comes to prayer, had it not been by Prayer, they would not have been able to make it in the Ministry. Through Prayer, They were able to find wives to marry, even after marrying, there were some ups and downs in their marriages, but they depended on prayer.

Even today, they are still praying for themselves and their spouses. That’s why they look happy in their marriages.One thing that they kept on stressing during the interview is that, Pastors should refrain from church’s politics. As for them, they never allowed that monster to control them.The same applies to Church Finances; Pastors should train themselves to be very temperate with finances.

Lastly the two (2) Pastors advised me not to involve myself in business because A Call to Ministry needs whole of you. NB; What I have learnt from the two Senior Pastors is that, Prayer is an integral part of a Christian’s life.


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