Intro of thinking, feeling and behaving” the world

Intro to Psychology by Hockenbury, Hockenbury and Nolan defines personality as an individual’s unique and relatively consistent paterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Fundamentlly, personailty furnishes who we are as a person. Without ” an individuals unique and relatively consistent pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving” the world as we know it would be trite and cliched. Everyone would do the exact same and “try” to see things the same way. Therefore, throughout the whole of history, psychologist have alsways wanted to divulge on the obscure perspective on personalit.

Copious personality theories prevail, but in this essay we are going to touch on the Social cognitive perspective of personality, in essance how does our enviroment, reasoning and behavior interlock to fabricate who we are as an individual. Envision this examples ” Youre pretty confident when walking into your english class. You feel as if your on top of the world, becsause you knpw your grades are up to par and your always participating in class.

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Which results in the teacher appreciating your presence. Howvere the next class is not as impressive as your English class. Due to the fact that you are barely passing. Your skills aren as sufficent in this class. Which emanates you from participating and asking questions. This example, as stated by (Hockenbury, Hockenbury, Nolan, n.d.

), is essentiallly what social cognitive personality. The social cognitive theory is the concept that the way someone thinks in a situation seduces one’s actions. It is strongly stated that people processes information


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