Introduce their efforts to minimize childhood obesity. Children,

Introduce a guide for parents and guardians to use in their efforts to reduce incidents of childhood obesity.A practical guide for children’s nutritional needs in the communities we serve.Childhood obesity can lead to a host of long-term health problems that include chronic pain, diabetes, lipidemia, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, depression, and low self-esteem and many other disorders. This program will offer parents and children opportunities to recognize causes of obesity and developing strategies to combat the problem early.

The program offers parents practical suggestions they can adopt in their efforts to minimize childhood obesity.Children, parents, community members, local schools, state and local government agencies.The childhood obesity prevention program focuses educating parents about the dangers of obesity. This program intends to help parents recognize lifestyles that lead to childhood obesity, and familiarize them with strategies to mitigate the problem.

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Obesity is children is becoming an epidemic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2017) reported that one of every five school age children is obese. In fact, prevalence for overweight or obese in children in the U.S. is between 8% and 13%, a 3 to 4-fold over the last 3 decades (Hansen, Hens, Peeters, Wittebrood, Van Ussel, Verleyen, ; Vissers (2016).

Other researchers (Cunningham, Kramer, ; Narayan, 2014) reported that 12.4% of children entering kindergarten are obese, and 20.8% of eighth graders are obese.The program brings to the forefront the close association between childhood obesity and coronary heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

The program focuses on prevention through evaluation of behavioral and social factors that include diet and physical activity interventions. Prevention also includes health lifestyle education and parental involvement.Many children have a substantial risk for obesity because of the choices their parents make. Parents choose convenience over the health of their children. Parents may opt for readily available yet unhealthy fast food for a quick meal.

In this program, we will encourage parents to make healthier food choices along with involving children in intramural sports or activitiesThis program is a necessary preventative tool for combating childhood obesity. Familiarizing parents with the potential health problems children may face as adults is the first step toward reducing chronic diseases and improving wellness.


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