INTRODUCTION: appearance of Mr. Hyde leave people thinking

INTRODUCTION: Strange Case of Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a gothic novella by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson published in 1886. It is about a lawyer named John Utterson who investigates strange situations between his old friend, Henry Jekyll, and the evil Edward Hyde. In this novel, we can see clearly how one person can live with appearances in their life, hiding situations, secrets, feelings, and others.

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The number of people in our society who judge based on the physical appearance of themselves and of others is illogical. When we get an opinion of someone, their appearance should be the last thing we had to get interested in. The idea of “perfect” people should be those who don’t criticize a person because of their image, those people who can say “I do not make any judgments based on appearance, I would need a chance to speak with that person to develop my opinion”.

ARGUMENT 1: To begin with, an appearance of a person is the presentation for any moment in our life, and our society is interested in what we can demonstrate from our image. In the story, the appearance of Dr. Jekyll is a respected man, with good manners and with a spirit to help people. In what Mr. Hyde is quite different, the looks and appearance of Mr.

Hyde leave people thinking negative things of him and a strong feeling of hate and disgusting. Hyde’s appearance is described as a “troglodyte”. Hyde’s evil seems to bring out the dark side of the society, bringing the reality of the duality of human nature. Daily, we want to bring out our evil side, when we are stressed with many situations that we have, but we prefer to not to be that side always. Dr. Jekyll appears to be a respectable man in society at the beginning of the book but the reality of his dark secrets and strange actions with Mr. Hyde shows another thing. Jekyll and Hyde is a dark novella full of repression and violence, horror and evil, which reveals the dark secrets of many personalities.

ARGUMENT 2: For instance, the religion takes part in this story because many Christians believes that to “abstain from all appearance of evil” is to avoid any behavior anyone might perceive as being evil. Not only do we escape from that which is evil, we escape from that which appears to be evil. Appearance vs. reality also happens in this story.

The appearance of the street and the building are the best description of both personalities. However, Jekyll was not happy having to oppress his dark side. The fact that Hyde was pure evil, it was destined to become impossible for Jekyll to oppress him once more.CONCLUSION:In conclusion, the analysis of this story only led one question: Why is Dr. Jekyll so concerned with keeping up appearances? And what appearance is he trying to keep? In this world everyone keep an appearance that don’t want to show all time, and in this story Jekyll want to be both persons but in the era he was living he had to keep the evil side (Mr.

Hyde) because in the Victorian London, people can’t express their feelings out in the street, everyone had to be polite and quite silencious.


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