Introduction: supporting a pizza business located at 12660

Introduction: In this project, I am going to describe about my new experience of learning, how to get a domain name, design a website using Wix and publish it online to interpret in today’s business world.Website Address: of website:It was a wonderful experience of building a stunning website with

The type of website I have designed is a Business Website and this business website will be selling and supporting a pizza business located at 12660 68A, Ave Surrey BC V3W1H3. The name of my business is TANGY PIZZA.On my business website you will find different attractive templates? Pizza Business selected suitable template for my website? Header menu? Logo and Tag Line? Backgrounds? Images and video? Detailed menu? Online ordering facility? Make a Reservation for party? Location including maps? Social media connectivity? Contact info (CTA)Website Purpose:As it is a business website and in today’s world of advance technology it is very difficult to run and make your brand hold a position in today’s market by using online facilities such as designing and using a business website. The main purpose of my business website is to increase brand awareness, drive traffic towards my business website, grow revenue by increasing signups or sales, boost brand engagement and provide effective customer service.Website Design:The basic design principle of my business website is to accomplish the main purpose of designing my website. Communication is very important to run business to accomplish it. I have used Time New Roman font style in the major parts of website and in description I have used Arial font style for the better understanding of my business customers and visitors.

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These typefaces are very eye Catchy and attention seeking.I have used very basic colours in web designing such as white, black, gray that provides relaxation to eyes while reading and also, I have used very attractive and high-quality images and a video that describes the personality and quality of my business products.Design Plan:Website’s Goals and Target Audience:Goals:I. Increase brand awareness: It’s important to stay relevant. If customers aren’t aware of my brand, the business won’t survive. By using social-media platform customers will become aware of my brand and interact with it on different social media platforms, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends by liking posts on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter.II.

Drive traffic in my business website: Traffic is important to all sites, especially for online selling practice. By using social-media platform I will influence more and more traffic on my official business website. III. Grow revenue by increasing signups or sales: I will increase my sales and signups by using social-media platforms and advertising on them. By doing this, I will influence my business network and increase brand awareness in consumers and gain word of mouth that will be my biggest asset for my business success.IV. Boost brand engagement: Engagement is the most important reason why we all use social-media.

By using different social-media platforms I will improve my brand perception, loyalty, and word of mouth recommendations.V. Effective customer service: Having a good customer service on social media can help to increase revenue, customer satisfaction score, and retention.

Target Audience: The target market for the Tangy Pizza would be a consumer that are of the age of 16-44. I am targeting both male and females for the breakfast. That would give us a huge potential target market of customers in Surrey. The reason we chose this target market was because of the small sample size survey that I have practiced.

The results showed that 95% were between the ages of 18-21, 3% from the ages of 22-25, and 2% age 30 plus. The total number of people surveyed was 43 people. Due to a small university sample size I have used the results as directional and predicted the age range of 16-44. We would also be targeting families that have an average household income.

(Shah, 2018)Products, Services: Tangy pizza is product and service-based enterprise. This business is well prepared for providing high quality products such as different kinds of pizza’s and delicious variety of pasta and beverages to make customer feel more joyful. Tangy Pizza promise to provide its fresh and crisp high quality of pizza & pasta Website Structure: Website General Content? Home page? Menu? Order online? Reservations? About us? Locate? Images & MultimediaWebsite’s Navigation SystemIt is quite clear by looking at the design scheme of my business website.

I have designed my website in such a way that everyone can access my business website with ease and decide what he or she is looking to order accordingly. For better understanding I have used TIMES NEW ROMAN font in my website and for description of my company’s product menu I have used ARIAL fort. According to my research and understanding I feel that the above-mentioned fonts are very reliable in terms of reading a text document on screen.Design the look and feel of the websiteIn the process of designing my business website. Wix proved to be very helpful to me, loaded with numerous options and features and it is very user friendly. Test, Publish, and Maintenance of websiteTesting publishing and maintaining of your website is very convenient on Wix.

com. The movement I finished designing my business website, using Wix I published my website by clicking on the top right Blue button and tested weather the design and menu features and several other facilities are working in order as I have planned.Maintenance is very important part of everything either it is a small business or a big business website because, every business learns from its mistakes. Maintenance is very easy in Wix platform and one can easily maintain it by using its different facilities such as tracking and analytical.Website Linkage with Social Media PlatformsI am using 3 major social-media platforms for the promotion and brand awareness of my business. These three social-media platforms are as follows:1.

Facebook2. Tweeter3. InstagramConclusionIt is evident, that after performing above describes web designing project I am now capable of creating my domain name, design a website and publishing of website for further business purposes and make my business available online to interact in today’s business world.


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