Introduction: of Pop” was born in Gary, Indiana,

Introduction: Michael Joe Jackson known as the “King of Pop” was born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, 1958, and died on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50 suffering from an overdose. Michael was the fifth child of Joe and Katherine Jackson’s nine children which five of them formed a group named the Jackson 5.In August 1994, he married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. People thought that the marriage was a way to restore Michael’s image after the molestation allegations They divorced in 1996.

Later that same year, Jackson wed nurse Debbie Rowe and had two children through artificial insemination. The couple divorced three years later in 1999. After the divorce Jackson had a third child, with an unknown surrogate.Biography:Infancy: Physical Development: Baby Michael at early stages of infancy would be able to sit alone for a few minutes, start crawling around, turn his head and roll over. At the age of 1 Michael was able to sit unsupported and go to a sitting position all by himself. He would also start learning to stand up when holding on to something. Later on, he would start to walk around briefly and crawl stairs. At around 2 years he would be able to walk up and down the stairs and start running and throwing/catching objects because he would have learned to react.

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Intellectual development: At around 3 months Michael would have start learning to control his speech muscles and make noises. When the baby is 12 months it will start repeating words said by their parents or individuals. At around the age of 2 Michael would have starting building up his speech to a 2-word sentence and this would have developed through his growth. Michael would also start understanding the concept of colours, numbers and sizes of objects. He also would have learned what’s right or wrong.Emotional Development: Infants grow an instant attachment with their mother from the womb when they hear her voice. Young children with good attachment to their family from early stages will contribute to their future life and how this is affected.

If an infant has a bad attachment from early stages this will affect how they trust other people with their emotions and how they can feel attached to someone like their spouse, or friends in their future. Michael was very close to his mother in contrast to the fear he had to his father.


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