Introduction: (EDGAR S. Dunn, 01 May 1955)

Introduction: August Losch was German economist and he modified the christaller ‘s theory in 1954 . German geographer walter christaller developed own theory in 1933.

Christaller’s theory base on goods and accumulation of profit was completely depend on transportation and location. While losch ‘s main focus on maximum profit and least distance. His book Sapatial organization of the economy in 1940 expanded on walter ‘s work . (EDGAR S.

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Dunn, 01 May 1955)There are many assumption :• Christaller main concern on distance but Losches says that people are not rational but people purchase costly from big market and without regardless of the distance .• Christaller says that homoge (2) (l, 1990)neity is availability but losches says that not hierarchy have uniformity at growth.• Christaller assumed that every sphere has same influenced for every goods but Loches says that it is not necessary that every sphere has equal attraction for example near bakery shop only people who are more near . But car show room can attract near city.

Kirk, W., Lösch, A., & Berlin, I.

(1963). Problems of Geography. Geography, 48(4), 357-371.

Retrieved from review:The main concern and basic information take many geographer. There are many writer give own poit of view .Literature basis of losch were formulated in the first part of review.century by two scientists in Germany: geographer Walter Christaller (1933) andeconomist August Losch && (1940).

The ideas of Christaller were first develope into the English format by Ullman (1941).In 1954 came the English article of the book of Losch && and in 1966 theartical of the book of Christaller. Since then, the concept of losch model the imagination of spatial analysts. Empirical evaluation of the ideas of thelosch model began with papers by Brush and Bracey, 1955, and by Berry andGarisson, 1958, which have effect many later empirical studies. It is possible to finda review of the early work in the loch theory and its applications in studies ofBerry and Garrison, 1958, Berry and Pred, 1961 and in the books by Bunge, 1962, Lloydand Dicken, 1977 and Beavon, 1977.It is important to note that from the first steps of the losch model evaluation and after walter ‘s criticism .Methodology:in this theory we use the method of analysis and statistic method.

In this term we saw that how model work in real world . in this model Loschs main concern on profit and super imposed hexagonalin in a pattern around a capital. The hexagonal display the land around the companies and there population would have to lowest cost where there hexagons interselected. http://www.

xLoschs chose hexagon over circle because hexagon can tile a plan while circle cannot .There cones meet there mad tile and made city, which can be concentred in similar way. When we saw any other philosopher ‘theory we criticize must his theory .i think this model is not perfect every aspect. (AZARD, 1949)Losch’s work, although later than Palander’s, is still weakfrom two points of view. Historically, Losch’s ideas were made effective more short at the same time; and the first article in 1940 of his main work, “Die raumliche Ordnung der Wirtschaft”, constitutes the space of these thoughts. , basically Losch thoughts in his research the same basic goalas Palander, that is, the explanation of a general equality of theory of location in an economic system. (l, 1990)Result :a) In this research we find out many result but some oints are very important .

I think overall area is not plain in country but across the glob.b) Model perform that every person has same preference in goods and services,but human nature cannot same preference.c) Another limitation among the model that population is not evenly distributed , that fertility rate ,immigration and infant rate is different .d) Shipping cost but it is not necessary that must pay shipping cost sometime it made free. Discussion:The loschian model has been worldwide famous industrialtheory . Therefore , both writer has different point of view about this theory .

Result are separate ,walter has same level in a hierarchy but losch has opposite point about him. He says that it is not occur in real world. He define the different and less hierarchy arrangement than does walter. After the review of this article ,my opinion is favour of losch. Because mostly people are not same sphere and same rational level.Therefore losch model is important and valuable for in real world . There we take example of Calfornia and many American cities .

Conclusion:At the end of this article review ,I conclude on some important point and high light the basic but neglected portion .Both geographer are right on own point but there are some flaws which is not fill both writer. But it is reality that every person can not give flaw free theory ,every theory has some loops holes in under the material. I raise some basic point which are in under process. First ,this not use in reality . Secondly, according to walter , not uniform transport .

Technology is ignored .Losch model is important in agriculture than industries.


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