INTRODUCTION: farming of rural areas and remaining

INTRODUCTION:Women carry dynamic personality which makes them to play a very important role in society.

Major issue that we face is women empowerment in developing countries. Participations of women in economic activities are very low. Micro finance is the major platform in which women can participate in social and economic activity CITATION Placeholder1 l 1033 (Khan R. :.

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, 2012). Moreover, participants (women) have a great and strong impact on education because more women will educate the more generation get empowered CITATION DrM141 l 1033 (Sundaram, 2014). Therefore, women have a power to strongly connect with the civil society, which highly support to empower the women but the perception of male dominating society creates hurdles CITATION Placeholder2 l 1033 (Awan S.

Z., 2012). After so many studies, CITATION Placeholder3 l 1033 (Farooq & Waseer, 2017)NGOs are the main platform which plays significant role to solve all the problems related to women rights including women empowerment but NGOs face many external and internal challenges to promote women empowerment. In order to resolve all controversies government of Pakistan must pass laws. Thus, NGOs must organize awareness programs and media must take participate to promote and telecast programs on women rights. On the bases of previous researches it has been clear that women has an important role in economic growth. So, in forthcoming era for competing in a global world and developing a high infrastructure women participation will be extremely mandatory CITATION Raj141 l 1033 (Raj, 2014).

In Pakistan contribution of women is above than country population and economy. Almost 70 percent of women are engaged in farming of rural areas and remaining 3/4th women of urban areas counted in non-formal sector. According to above figure calculations, we planned to start an initiative to work for the women that count in non-formal sector like welfare house, society, NGOs etc. By building up the event planner organization to promote the women who are having so many skills, motives and creative ideas for business but they don’t have any particular platform to represent and contribute herself in the seeks of society and economy of Pakistan.

LITERATURE REVIEW:According to CITATION Placeholder1 l 1033 (Khan R. :., 2012) she studied on women empowerment through employment opportunity and this research was held in India soshe found out the most the most important role of women in economic growth through research which is underestimate due to male dominated society in India. On the bases of findings researcher encountered the problems and clearly says that in upcoming era the part of women will be highly necessary for competing with all countries which is high by its infrastructure. Whenever we talk about women work our first perception for women is that they are not sufficient for the workplace because of their major responsibilities to take care of their children and old people who attach with them and for that reason an incredible working capable women were not place themselves at higher level in the world of business. But 70% women of rural area are working in livestock and agriculture and almost 3/4TH of urban women are working in non-formal sector.

CITATION Far17 l 1033 (Farooq ; Waseer, 2017) They make sure the purpose of this research paper is to know about the contribution of NGO’s about women rights in Pakistan with the help of secondary data gather from online data, published data of national and international institute. Data describe that NGO’s are playing great role to resolve the different women rights including women empowerment but faced many difficulties as internal and external challenges. After the findings of the research they conclude that Government of Pakistan take serious action and pass laws for women rights and self-esteem law of Karo-Kari (honor killing), non-government organizations start awareness programs and media must take part to telecast programs to promote women rights.

One of the important issues in developing countries is women empowerment; decision making of women in participation of economic activity is very low. A major role is played by microfinance institutions to empower women and participate in economic and social activities. CITATION Kha12 l 1033 (Khan ; Noreen, 2012).

The research was directed in the context of Bahawalpur (Pakistan). Local branches of micro finance institutions has been selected to collect the basis information of clients and 600 females clients were selected randomly from National Rural Support Program and Khushhali Bank. Women were interviewed through structured questionnaire and the data was collected through door to door visits institutions the technique used to explore the determinants of women empowerment was multiple regression. Finally, the findings of research ensures that microfinance is a major explanatory variable of the study which shows the positive effect on women empowerment and it is suggested that microfinance institutions should expand and strengthen their support to women by increasing the amount of loan and the utilization of the amount of loan. Civil society performs a significant role in empowering Pakistani women CITATION Awa12 l 1033 (Awan, 2012) the aim of this research is to create a connection between the contributions of the civil society towards women empowerment.

Women, part of political parties and women organization are significantly important particularly media which cannot be overlooked in bringing awareness among Pakistani women concerning their equal constitutional and socio-economic rights. We can say that by concluding this research, women organizations, efforts of media and political parties cannot fruitful to empower a women until and unless the male controlled mind set of the society change.The term women empowerment has become big issue now a day. An empowered woman would be self-confident, critically analyses her environment and exercises control over decisions that affect her life as well another. They face many problems and new challenges in Islamic state like Pakistan. In this research author made afford to remove the miss-conception that Islam as a religion hinder in the way of women empowerment and use regression analysis method based on primary data of Southern Punjab. Finally the result shows that Islam as a religion make sure maximum women’s right.

CITATION Cha12 l 1033 (Chaudhry, Nosheen, & Lodhi, 2012)According to the researcher CITATION DrM14 l 1033 (Dr.M.Shunmuga sundaram, 2014)prosperity, confidence, humanity, development, welfare etc, comes under the head of education.

When it comes about empowerment so it comes in education and education comes in empowerment. These main key factors are strongly connected to each other. This research has been conducted in Madurai district including 455 females in the age group of 20 -50. This study has an objective to investigate the awareness of women empowerment in education of rural areas. The research findings conclude that the women empowerment has a great and strongly impact on education because the more females get education the more they empower themselves.Development and growth of women entrepreneurs empowerment in respective of India is a research done by the CITATION DKD18 l 1033 (Rao, 2018), the research was about the women leadership who not only work on corporate level but work as an individual in home. There are two statistics given in this article one is women work in Global level and other is number of businesswoman register in India, in the end the research concluded as not only in India but over all globe women face different barriers but it’s high time to give prove that women can participate in different corporation like services sector, banking sector, manufacturing sector and can plan a successful event as well.

As said by CITATION Kab10 l 1033 (Kabeer, 2010) in her research women empowerment in development and management of interventions and flow of information, according to her, the study develop a conjecture on women issue at entrepreneur level in respective fields. In this article present different case study which address the gender discrimination and inequality between men and women at the end it was accomplished that a concern has been shown towards the women who can be stressful for females’ cognation and this need to be change. OBJECTIVE:To provide better opportunity for welfare house of women. To increase the women participation in the economy.To create awareness program and promote their hidden skill, so that they can utilize their talent. By empowering women, we can change the concept of male dominated society.By providing an event planning platform they can serve the society in a better way.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT:This study helps women to recognize their talent so that they can take part in economic activities and work for the betterment of the country.

In this research we are giving a platform to welfare house women to get involve in event planning activities so that they can be able to stand out on their feet. This research will help women to enhance their skills, knowledge and abilities so that they can work effectively. PROBLEM STATEMENT:From many years we are living in male dominant society but this need to be change because the main problem in our society women don`t have equal rights as they need to be provide. As women contribution in the economy of Pakistan is not that much as it needs to be, but if we talk about the welfare house women they are having a basic education of their skills but they do not have any platform to show or utilize their talents. So we are providing them a platform to overcome this and to eliminate some level of male dominancy.RESEARCH DESIGN:Target market:So we are targeting different NGOs who work for welfare women and will be going choose those who have ability to or skills to participate in event planning like decision making, decorations, catering, designing etcTotal Population: Darul Aman is a welfare house where we can gather a fine amount of women who are the victims or going through certain tragedies, to overcome this we will utilize their skills not only Darul Aman but other 12 NGOs from which we can choose skillful women to bring them up so they live a better life to survive.Working technique:Firstly we will choose those women who have expertise in their work which can be beneficial to make an event successful.

We will provide them the material or they can choose them by itself example if women is good in making food so she will handle the catering, or other women is good in cutting of flowers for decoration so they will handle that part of event planning. So there are many different things on which they can part actively and can polish their skills. LIMITATIONS:In this initiative, have faced many problems as well as limitations in which many boundaries that make us compel towards our initiative, that is internal NGOs politics that does not support us to promote and make aware to their respective women, does not give details about their funding. As well as their supervisors didn’t show any interest REVENUE INFLOW:Event OrganizingFWCC (First Women Creative Corner) eventually generate their revenue by organizing event of businesses or common consumers with the remarkable quality standards and highly trained women workforce.Title Sponsor of reserved ads.FWCC get advertising revenue by selling display banners on our event and women development website, and FWCC allow Google to display their ads on the site, which is an easier option. Organizers can also sell advertising on their email newsletter or on the event invitations. FWCC raise their revenue from sponsored blog posts and social media shout-outs.

Networking PartyInstead of making your networking party free for everyone, charge a small fee – say PKR 100 – while VIP ticket holders get in free. Make the party an attractive opportunity by ensuring the keynote speakers will be there, as well as senior industry figures.EXPENSES:Production ExpensesFor the execution of the event FWCC covers the cost of all resource like equipment expense, tables, chairs, stages and more. It also plans and track the expenses for the kind of employees and number of employees it needs to organize the event and recruits specialized trainers to develop the skills and abilities of NGO`s women who have different talents, for which the FWCC will hire trainers for different departments of event planning management and pay them on contractual bases according to the time duration of the training.

FWCC also bear the expense of labor staff needed for set up and teardown as well.Marketing and RegistrationFWCC target their customers through business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) marketing techniques , which cost includes printing and design of invitation, advertisement will be posted on social website, television and business magazine to get aware our consumers, social website account creation and networking party for increase the potential of our customers.Planning and OrganizationOffice Supplies (on office requirement) FWCC staffs and attendees over the course of our planning process.

Everything from organizational products to furniture and equipment, you need to make sure that run smoothly from start to finish of your event. As you plan your event, use calendars, planners, and bookkeeping forms to stay on track in your coordination process. The perfect event management supplies to set up your space, including chairs, folding tables, and cloth table covers to create an impressive presentation. Then, you can ensure that guests are efficiently checked in with admission and registration supplies like tickets, and name badges. Communication Costs: You need to decide the communication channels to update your attendees and engage them from the ticketing moment. It can be an event application, social media, event website or emails. Travel Expenses: travel and Transport adores and fully committed to delivering extraordinary programs that exceed your expectations.

We consider all of the details learned in the discovery phase to confirm success. Whether it’s a large-scale meeting program. Our team will offer detailed, client-centric service.Administrative ExpensesSalaried of FWCC Employee will be Assign according to its designation and will try to define their salary compensation according to it. Accounting cost will be set according to the activities which we will be performing or the resources which we will be using in our event planning. An amount will be fixed and given to the lawyers for legalization our documentations so we can work according to law and will not face any consequences in future. We will be hiring a consultant whose expertise we will be using to work according to the trend and customers needs and consultant fees is included in administrative expense On-Site ExpensesFWCC will arrange multiple events and each events have its own and unique nature so, events needs particular area to organize and that area has carries expenses.

So on site expenses are major part of any event. On-site expenses are as follows. Venue: event venue cost, security deposit, parking area, taxes. Event Staffing: pay to temporary staff, Speakers: Guest speaker or panel speakers, Venue Equipment Rental Fees: tables and chair, stages, Wi-Fi, audio/visual equipment, Entertainer Fees: pay to featured entertainer, and THANKYOU GIFTS for a comprehensive picture.Office location rent:FWCC perform administrative duties such as scheduling client meetings, reserving event locations and booking hotels, event planners generally work out of an office and we have to pay rent of this particular location.# 402, 4th Floor, Block-13C, Shaes Centre Faysal Bank Building, University Rd, Block 13 C Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, , SindhMiscellaneous ExpenseSome event planners suggest budgeting five to ten percent over the anticipated expenses, while others choose a round number to work with. If FWCC may face additional expenditures, which do not fit in above categories so that comes in miscellaneous group.

This outline is to make you aware of the different types of event planning expenses that can occur. Every event is unique, so yours may include more or less of the items that listed here. Overlooking expenses associated with a particular vendor or category can wreak havoc on your budget, but the worst case scenario is completely forgetting about an expense until the bill arrives. FEASIBILITY REPORT:TIME LINE: For initial business setup, we have to do both registrations which are “First to invent” and “First to file” with an organization named/titled as First Women Creative Corner (FWCC). For start up a business we have investing own capital with the amount of Rs 3, 50,000 and the estimated amount of loan sources6 would be Rs 10, 00,000.

The estimated approach for the source of fund are Khushhali Microfinance Bank which empowering women entrepreneurs, Tameer Microfinance Bank which encourage women empowerment and Apna Bank which also supports economic empowerment of women and micro entrepreneurs. Then we further move on towards estimated operating activities, time duration and all expenses which are given below:499745240030FLOW CHART:CONCLUSION:At the end we are here to conclude our idea in such a way that women’s are now a day’s compatible or equal to men our main purpose is to take initiate for the welfare house women who has the capability to stand for their self in the economy but due to the lack of awareness and platform women are going backwards, but we are here to provide a better platform to show their talent, skills and abilities of their survival in the market. The welfare houses which we are targeting are Darul Aman, panah shelter, Sarim Burney Trust Shelter Home whose women are victim, de-motivated, lack of confidence.

After analyzing our financial budget we have estimated all the cost and source of funding to accomplish this project, all the outcome and working on the limitation we can initiate this idea in the particle form. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Awan, S. Z. (2012).

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