Introduction To address the growing market needs,

Introduction about Deloitte:  “Deloitte” is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services to select clients. These firms are members of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee (“DTTL”).  Each DTTL member firm provides services in particular geographic areas and is subject to the laws and professional regulations of the particular country or countries in which it operates.  Each DTTL member firm is structured in accordance with national laws, regulations, customary practice, and other factors, and may secure the provision of professional services in its territory through subsidiaries, affiliates, and other related entities. Not every DTTL member firm provides all services, and certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. DTTL and each DTTL member firm are legally separate and independent entities, which cannot obligate each other. DTTL and each DTTL member firm are liable only for their own acts and omissions, and not those of each other.

DTTL (also referred to as “Deloitte Global”) does not provide services to clients. Deloitte in the Middle East:Deloitte & Touche (M.E.) is a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) and is the first Arab professional services firm established in the Middle East region with uninterrupted presence since 1926.Our clients benefit from the breadth and diversity of our resources in helping them manage their growth and broaden their presence in the global economy. Combining the global insight and innovation of a worldwide firm with local knowledge and industry expertise, our people offer powerful business solutions that help our clients excel.

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To address the growing market needs, we have expanded our specialized professional services in the Middle East, leveraging our local and global talent in areas such as Financial Advisory Services, Enterprise Risk Services and International Tax Services. We have also continued to play a pivotal role in serving the region’s high-growth industry sectors such as tourism, hospitality and leisure, construction, telecoms and financial services, as well as major sectors such as oil and gas, the public sector and the Gulf region’s sovereign wealth funds. Our Middle East knowledge centers are a testament to our specialized capabilities in strategic services and industries.Deloitte is among the region’s leading professional services firms, providing audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services through 26 offices in 15 countries with more than 3,000 partners, directors and staff.

It is a Tier 1 Tax advisor in the GCC region since 2010 (according to the International Tax Review World Tax Rankings). It has received numerous awards in the last few years which include Best Employer in the Middle East, best consulting firm, and the Middle East Training & Development Excellence Award by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).To find any of our offices, please select a location from the list below.Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Palestinian Ruled Territories, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Syria, UAE and Yemen.Deloitte Yemen:Deloitte in Yemen is part of Deloitte & Touche (M.E.).

Deloitte & Touche (M.E.) is a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL).

Started operating in Yemen since 2001 having 45 employee as experienced auditors and professional administrative staff provideing services in auditing, accounting, tax and counsulting.  ***Interviewee details:  Ms. Muna Makawi is a Human Resource assistant manager at Deloitte – Yemen. Independence coordinator and Ethics leader, a brand and communication leader and a part of the risk team. A CRS leader who responsible to manage Yemen office Impact day and all community responsibility.  She has significant experience in human resources and management.

Lead other ICS – Internal client service (Admin Staff) teams in the office. her roles includes responsibilities for Ethics, learning, independence, recruitment, branding, CRS and other management areas including planning and reporting activities. She is an MBA finalizer holding an Engineering bachelor degree in computer and control.

She has organization management certification with some other managements Background & certificates. She is interest in Education and soft skill issues such as presentation and time management skills.  *** Interview Questions and Answers:Q1: could you please explain the roll of the HR department in an audit company like Deloitte and the tasks done by the HR? ·         Human Resource department manage a lot of tasks and activities; such as:1.      Recruitment:  Recruitment at Deloitte is not only to attract the most talent people to join us but also to start form the Job fairs at Universities. We also provide a program called Tadarab (internship program) that given by Deloitte ME for all newly graduated and students who are seniors in their colleges.

Recruitments moves in all steps starting from Talent acquisitions, vacancy announcement, selection, interview and other matters related to same area.2.      Admin management: HR at Deloitte Yemen office also has a role to manage all Admin staff and check their works. 3.      Attendance and leaves: HR responsible for managing staff attendance and leaves based on Yemeni labor law.4.      Staff Performance:  HR also is responsible for staff performance and evaluation in each year.

5.       Safety and security: HR is responsible for employees safety and should check about their insurance (life and health).6.      In Yemen, HR is responsible for all reports that related to HR functions.

7.      Staff files and data should be one of the HR responsible and those should be updated based on firm policies. Q2: How does Deloitte select and recruit new employees? ·         Deloitte believes on new joiners to be fresh students. Job fairs also is a part of a talent attraction part that have done by Deloitte each year. In addition, Deloitte has a program called RMS (Recruitment management system) that linked to their website. Once we announced on our website for a vacancy, it is easy to apply on our website and now we make it easier as we have an application on your mobile (Deloitte apply) that anyone interested to work with us can apply.·         Selection employees moves on a lot of stages, after submitting you CV and be chosen from Deloitte HR.

A first initial interview will be conducted with HR to check your language, attitude, etc.  If you pass the first interview, your will move to the second which is a technical interview with high level managers. And then you will have a psychometric test (15 FQ for experience candidates, verbal and numerical tests for newly graduated). If all your criteria are acceptable with Deloitte, then you are welcome to join us.

 Q3: what is the most thing that attract your attention as an HR when intervening a candidate? ·         As a best practice and professional firm, attitude is important. The way the person talks, dress, and contact others are the most important points to focus on. Q4: what kinds of internal policies related to the HR does Deloitte have? ·         Deloitte has several polices that included in book called My Daleel. It is a kind of a document with all our policies that employees should follow once joined Deloitte.My Daleel manual is applicable for all Deloitte employees.

 Q5: What kind of training programs that Deloitte provides to its employees? ·         Deloitte has multiple training channels for their staff to ensure their progress and development.1.      Regional training classes that held by Deloitte for their staff in one place with joining all staff from all regions.2.      Local training classes that held by Deloitte offices locally for their staff.

3.      E-learning courses under Deloitte website that held a lot of courses and trainings online (Harvard, soft skills, and Deloitte e-courses) that include more than 6000 courses and books that only available for Deloitte employees.Q6: Could you please tell us about the performance evaluation techniques that is used by Deloitte? ·         Deloitte M.E.

using its own system called iMAP (I Manage my performance). It is an evaluation and interact system that used by all Deloitte ME staff supervised by HR.·         On iMAP you can add your yearend goals and competencies and a counselor will assign to you in order to help and evaluate you in the yearend.

·         You can also add your projects that you have worked on during the year and the project manager will evaluate you and that will count with your performance. Q7: What kind of strategic do you follow to segment employees in your company? Ex: high, medium, low ·         Deloitte as best practice firm, we usually have high strategic management to follow. Q8: What is the most important thing you focused on when you apprise your employee? –          Appraising takes special way at Deloitte. First, we ask the employee to appraise himself/herself on what he/she already have done and mentioned that on our system.-          We focused on the goals and competencies that the employee mentioned for both the full year and within the year (after each project he had worked on)-          We have 3 main goals areas we focused on while appraising:  1.      Client contribution2.      Firm and brand contribution3.

      Talent contributionEach area has its own mean goals that the employee should achieved 100%.-          In addition, we have 12 core competencies that the employee should choose from and those should be done (employee should identify the way that he/she can achieve them).-          Each employee at Deloitte will have his own counselor who will guide him/her during the year in order to achieve his yearend plan successfully. Q9: what is the most efficient technique period for appraising? –          In fact, Deloitte is using a special technique in order to help their employees to achieve their yearend evaluation.-          Each employee will have 2 types of appraisal: within the year and in the year end-          Each employee will have a reviewer for his work (who appraise your work during the year) and a counselor who is your guide to achieve your yearend goals.-          Each employee will appraise himselfherself during and in the end of year before the counselor or the reviewer to do so and heshe has authority to write any comments he wants to add.-          A meeting with employees and their counselorseviewers is conducted and an open discussion is usually done within the year and in the yearend.

 Q10: What kind of problems do you face during appraising the employees? –          In fact, rarely that happened as all have been discussed openly and all Deloitte staff are working as one family, and all are aware about the importance of appraising and they usually have open discussion and discuss all points fairly. Q11: How to deal with these problems? –          For any problems not only for appraising, Deloitte employees usually rise their issue to HR and an open discussion opened. Issues solved easily as all acting as one.Q12: Not all employees accept the result of the appraisal especially when it shows their work is not well. How do you deal with such employees?-          Within Deloitte environment we usually care about our employees and keeping appraising them and giving feedback during the year, that make us have all as professionals in good manners and never faced a not well worked employee. And if so, we have a guidance training and development to give in order to improve our employees.Q13: Which kind of criteria do you set in order to choose the best employees?Two ways we do in order to choose the best employee:-          First is our performance system having rating that can give you the final score if that employee is the best (exceed expectation) or not.-          Second, we have a recognition program that all employees can nominate and choose who is showing to be the best.

 Q14: How does the rewording program goes in Deloitte and does it reflect the evaluation results?-          Deloitte is caring about their employees and our recognition program (Elevate) is taking our focus.  Each manager can nominate his/her best employee and can send a CLAP email to all staff in order to recognize him/her as best in areas defined.-          Also we have 2 types of recognition that done by PDPs and HR agreement.-          Each year, HR send a nomination sheet to all to nominate who seen is the best during the year.Q15: From your experience as HR manager, do you think companies need to give specific period for new employees to prove themselves what if the new employee didn’t meet the expectations?-          Yes for sure. Any new employee either intern or not should have a period to prove himselfherself.

In Yemen, each employee (new) is subjected to 3 months probationary period to improve himselfherself.Q16: What is the best ways of rewarding and punishment that you use with your employees?  –          Both rewarding and punishment has different categories and culture.-          For Punishment: We are follow Yemeni labor law for that and it contains warnings and disciplinary notes strategy using as informal, formal and last chance.-          For recognition – has discussed above.

Q17: Is there any method used to punish an employee who is causing problems or not doing his work appropriately?-          Yes of course. In each, company not only Deloitte that is happened. Q18: What does Deloitte do in respect to Employee safety?-          In fact, Deloitte cares a lot of its employees safety and we have channels communication for that.-          Locally, each office is subjected to a security leader that have a director of security for the region who is consider Deloitte employees security.-          Each employee has an iSOS card for any security issue.-          Health and life insurance covered for all Deloitte staff. Q19: How does HR department work to reflect the brand of Deloitte?-          Deloitte has their brand section and a brand director for the region.

–          In each office, Deloitte has a brand champion who is responsible for all branding things related to Deloitte work.-          Deloitte brand space website includes all branded materials needed for Deloitte employees to use.Q20: Been an HR for more than 5 years how do you describe your experience?-          In fact as an HR in a best practice firm is a great experience for me. Starting from the bottom as an associate HR and learn all HR matters and policies related to Deloitte was a very interesting position as we all acting as one.  I have gained a lot of information and experience in dealing with others and built my personality in a great way of manner. Being a shy person before and now a social person that is the most achievement   I have done on my personality.***


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