Introduction being generous and kind and caring to

Introduction An ethical leader is a leader who has good virtue characteristics as a human being that displays good quality leadership that is thoughtful of others that shows caring and kindness and believes in fairness to others. A good ethical leader encourages others to do the right thing and lead others in the right directions of making the right decisions. This paper contains virtues and vice on Bill Gates charity organization and business affairs. The evidence is shown that Bill Gates is a man of many virtues proven by a charity organization called Bill and Melinda Foundation.

However, Gates has proven to be a strong ethical leader there are some who believe otherwise when it comes to unethical practice as a businessman of some of the top largest company. The goal of this paper is to focus on effective leadership of Bill Gates should be handled in an ethical manner on managing business and employees with consideration and respect.Virtues of Bill GatesThere are two virtues about Bill Gates that best describes as an effective ethical leader of Bill and Melinda Foundation. The first virtue is sincerity is one of the characteristic traits of Gates. According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of sincerity is the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy (

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Sincerity meant as being generous and kind and caring to others such as individuals who in need of help in all lives.The Bill and Melinda foundation is a charity foundation that helps and improves poverty, education, children well-being, and health. Gates donated billions of dollars towards foundation charity that contributes to people around the world. The foundation has helped proven the sincerity virtue of Gates moral characteristic traits in the most critical issues that needed the most. There are many evidences that Gates invested into healthcare of 4.2billion dollars and 1.5billion for the homeless Lancet, (2007).

Gates has well proven to help save and change world by creating Bill and Melinda foundation which is the world’s largest charity foundation.The second virtue is wisdom that Gates has proven to be good moral character by building a successful foundation of charity by organizing, gathering information, and demonstrating knowledge of what are critical issues that needed to be addressed to make the world a better place. The Oxford dictionary gives the definition of wisdom as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise (

Wisdom is meant as having the knowledge and good decision making for an effective benefit. There are two types of wisdom such as theoretical and practical. The theoretical wisdom is explained as to understanding and comprehending. According to Brusseau (2012), describes practical or sometimes called prudence as the learned knowledge that being able to apply it in real life. Bill Gates of Vice as InsensibilitySome believe that Gates has another side that made Gates one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world.

Bill Gates has a number of successful businesses. One of the companies, in particular, is a waste management company called Republic Service. Republic Service that Gates own is one of the world’s second-largest companies in America. Accusations have been made against Gates has mistreated the employees of Republic Service with unethical practice and standards. The three major concerns that workers are disputing over retirement funds being taken, unpaid overtime, and illegal abandoning contracts employee already agreed that was with the union.

This caused employees to protest and being lockout Republic Service.The term insensibility is one of example that applies to Gates on this matter. Assuming that Gates is guilty of this unethical behavior, this is an act of no consideration for the employees if employees’ benefits were taken that employee had worked for many years at the waste management company. The dictionary gives the definition of insensibility as incapable of feeling or perceiving; deprived of sensation; unconscious, as a person after a violent blow (

Assuming that allegations are true this unkindly act of unethical practice, then evidence has shown that Gates should show more of effective ethical practice and standards towards employees with consideration and respect. Conclusion Bill Gates is believed to be a good example of an ethical leader. Bill Gates is a self-made billionaire who was the creator of Microsoft and other software. Gates had changed the lives of people all over the world with the innovation of Microsoft. Bill Gates has a very successful resume and continues to pursuing on helping save the world which is an inspiration to everyone. Bill Gates has a way of touching people hearts because of the concerns of many critical issues that the world is faced with.

Gates has a way of tackling major issues that no one wants to deal with let alone donate an unlimited amount of funding so give thanks to Gates.Despite what others are saying, many have an issue with Gates the billionaire money which shouldn’t matter. After all, there are always some allegations or accusations that are being made about someone especially like Bill Gates that is rich and famous can’t expect to have enemies. Overall, what should matter if Gates behaving unethical manner. The value of employees should be held to the highest standards of ethical behavior with the utmost respect? Let’s concentrate on what all said to be practiced and what all is said to be preached.

That is, being an ethical leader who shows, believes, and live by values, beliefs, and morals in life at all times.


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