Introduction As machine acts like a human that

IntroductionArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a part of computer science relates to designing of intelligent computer systems and developing computers that can think as well as see, hear, walk, and feel. AI has some areas of applications such as cognitive science, robotic, and natural interface .Intelligence systems are cognitive types of AI applications which are based on research in biology ,neurology ,psychology ,and mathematics , it focuses on reasoning how the human brain works , thinks and learns (James,2003).Nowadays the trend of technology is highly focus on automated and smart machines and to come with machine full supported sensors and radio transmission waves such as network sensors for communication and, to observe the environment around. Recently, most of car industries over the globe are racing to produce intelligent cars that can take touring in the big city like Khartoum without a driver. As machine acts like a human that is means its provided with expert system and as well artificially intelligent.


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