Introduction effect of the fossil fuels in the

Introduction CE1.

1       The project “AIR POWERED VEHICLE” was part of academic curriculum at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Department of Mechanical Engineering Pune-India. This project was part of practical project to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the subject, its usage in real life scenario and its implementation. As this is a group project, I was equally responsible for all experimental work, data interpretation and report writing. Chronology: July 2014- May 2015Title of the position: Student TraineeCE1.

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2        With Technological Developments, man has always found ways to make his life simpler and more comfortable. The nature of this project was to examine the performance of a car, which ountytakes air as the working medium. Air powered vehicles is an insight of latest technology in automobile field. The air vehicles are a clean, easy to drive, lightweight and high performance vehicles.

Air powered car is a car currently being developed which is still in the R&D stage all over the world. Evaluation on the availability and the effect of the fossil fuels in the present and future generations has influenced us to design a vehicle, which runs by renewable energy sources. It eliminates the use of non-renewable fuels and thereby preventing pollution and step to a healthier environment. CE1.3 As the world is experiencing energy and fuel crisis, compounded by pollution, any technological invention that brings out the solution to this problem is considered as a bounty. In one of such new technologies, is the development of a new vehicle called as ” Air Powered Car”, which does not require any fuels like petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, hydrogen etc., this works on compressed air.

This replaces all types of known fuels and permanently solves the problem of pollution, since its exhaust is clean and cool air. This project gives the detailed description of the fabrication, working and testing of the Air Powered Car.CE1.4          In the present project work, I focused on pneumatic technology. Since pneumatic applications are wide all over the world, basic components and other equipment are easily available and the fabrication is not so tough. The basic principle involved in this concept is that compressed air is capable enough to provide sufficient thrust, which in turn can propel the car.

I initiated the project by presenting my ideas to Head of Department (HOD) Dr. M. V. Nagarhalli and my project guide, Mr. Y. D. Sonawane CE1.5  Hierarchy of people involved:CE1.

6         The broader objectives of this project are to study the design and analysis of the system with help of SOLIDWORKS, BEAMBOY and ANSYS. CE1.7       Our basic skills developed throughout the course have been put to use to select the methods. As this was a group project, I was the team leader for this project. Therefore, I had to take care of all the phases of project development like:Requirement analysisDesign of the system Implementation of the designAnalysis of the productTesting the final productCE1.8 My roles and responsibilities in this project were:The project was undertaken to test how effectively I can utilize my theoretical knowledge to implement a reliable practical application. Major areas of my responsibilities were as follows:To analyze workflow for effective operation of system.

Prepare a requirement document to reach expectations of project and to come up with functionalities, which are needed to be implemented.To determine the design assumption.To make the necessary calculations for the engine design.Creating the drawing for the engine components and assembling them using “SOLIDWORK”.Analyzing the design under real conditions using “ANSYS” software.To design and analyze the output.Discussion with the project guide and Head of Department on ways to improve the design and to optimize performance.Choosing suitable methods to study the properties.

Simulating and analyzing the results.Testing the equipment under various case scenarios.Preparing a project report to explain the future of air power technology and its advantages.Personal Engineering ActivityCE1.

9 In the first stage of the project, I was responsible for checking the feasibility of the project. To achieve this, I explored the alternative ways that could be employed. For each way I considered the cost of the project, safety issues, capital costs and operating costs of the project.

I was able to obtain some of the important information by reviewing the latest technologies through a literature survey and online research. I did cost-effective evaluation of all the possible ways that could be used. Based on the cost-effective evaluation, safety and environmental concerns as well relevant literature information, I was able to determine the project feasibility. The feasibility study and other considerations from project guide lead to the selection of the best optimum process to meet the objective.CE2.

12 After feasibility study, I arranged a meeting with my HOD and Project guide to discuss about the project planning. We discussed various things like scope, estimating the resource requirements for the activities, estimating time and cost for activities, developing the schedule, developing the budget, and risk planning. I prepared a planning report and submitted it to HOD and Project guide for evaluation. After meeting with HOD, I changed our project planning report slightly and started work on next phase of project. Throughout this project I facilitated meeting to discuss various aspects of project like progress, resources, team issues etc. CE1.13 Next step in the process was design and selection of components for air powered vehicle.

I have categorized the design of an air powered vehicle into two parts mainly System Design and Mechanical Design. My primary objective was mechanical design, in this phase I did detailed designing and the obtained dimensions were compared to next highest dimensions, which are readily available in the market. This simplified the assembly as well as post- production servicing work. I specified various tolerances on work pieces in the manufacturing drawing. I have prepared the process sheets and passed it on to the manufacturing stage. CE1.

14 During the design stage of project, I applied my mechanical engineering knowledge for design calculations. Initially, I did design calculations based on the specifications. After the design calculations, I have designed Chassis and shaft and I selected the respective components like Bearing, Piston Cylinder, Pressure Vessel, Gear and Pinion and Vane Compressor. I did the calculations for constructing the chain. This process was quite challenging to me, as I was solely responsible for the design calculations. In my 5th semester I had a subject “Machine Design” with help of this subject I could easily do the design calculations.Figure 1 Chassis Sketch CE1.

16 After the design calculations, my next objective was calculating engineering stresses and deflection on chassis. I used BEAMBOY software for finding the stresses and deflection on chassis. For using this software, I carried out load distribution analysis on the chassis. For this purpose, I considered the chassis as a beam of length equal to length of chassis. Various loads acting on the chassis were plotted on the beam length.

After applying the load and support, various properties of the material used in chassis were given as input, and after solving the results were obtained. In the results it is clearly shown that the chassis is safe, and deflection is almost negligible compared to the length of chassis. I have used ANSYS Mechanical software for analysis of our system. For carrying out the analysis in ANSYS, modeling of the system was required so I did 3D modeling of the chassis using SOLIDWORKS software. After making the 3D model, it was imported into the ANSYS mechanical software for further analysis.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2 Load Distribution on ChassisCE1.16 After importing the model, to carry out further analysis in ANSYS, I have given the boundary conditions on the chassis.

After applying the boundary conditions the next step for analysis in ANSYS is meshing, this was crucial because obtaining an appropriate mesh was not that easy in the analysis process. Then I calculated the total deformation of the chassis. After finding the total deformation of the chassis, I did the analysis for calculating stresses and strain, for this I used Von Misses Strain theory and Von Misses Stress Theory. Then I did analysis for the calculating the deformation in Y-direction.

The deformation in Y-direction means a lot when it’s about the chassis and the safeness of vehicle. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3 Meshed Geometry CE1.17 Major problem I encountered in this project was Analysis results for deformation in Y-direction were not in the permissible limits.

I was left clueless for a while which in a way de-motivated me. Nevertheless, I was determined not to give up thus was bent upon to find an apt solution. Therefore I did lot of research, literally studied related engineering principles, browsed the net for updated information and even discussed the problem with my project supervisor.

Towards the end, thanks to my unstinted efforts, I learnt that calculated vertical height of chassis was more that the acceptable limit. Then I re-worked on the system and checked the vertical height of the chassis and I obtained exact correlation values. I was very happy to have completed the project successfully on time.CE1.17        I was very happy to have completed the project successfully on time and more importantly overcoming the unexpected obstacles that I had to face in due course of this project. Then I displayed this project to my Project Guide and he was extremely happy and congratulated me for completing the project on time. I had regular meet ups with my project guide to successfully accomplish the assigned project.

Summary CE1.18        Since this project was based on new technology it was a learning experience for me even though I faced many hurdles for achieving the main goals of this project. I did not get out of my responsibility and I did much R;D work, surfed some websites, read some books, and thus gained enough knowledge to carry out my work.

The assigned project was successful, as the output and other constraints I achieved were as per the required specifications. After completing this project I made a detailed project report, submitted it to the department, and presented a seminar in front of the supervisor and other students.       CE1.19         Problems were plenty in this project since the concept was new and I had to do lot of R;D in each phase of the project to overcome the problems. Nevertheless, it was a platform to learn new subjects in-depth and improve my leadership skills.

After finishing this project, I was confident enough to handle projects that are more complex.


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