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IntroductionThis proposal is set forth based on our community service project (MU4 1213) guidelines and requirements. The selected orphanage for our project “Hand for Hope” is Pusat Jagaan Siddharthan located in Petaling Jaya.

The following areas elaborates on the overview of the situation surrounding those orphans and disabled children at the orphanage and our plans for the community service project. Overview Who are orphans’?Orphan is defined as a child under 18 years of age who has lost one or both parents to any cause of death (UNICEF, 2017). By this definition and statistics by UNICEF, there were nearly 140 million orphans globally in 2015, including 61 million in Asia, 52 million in Africa, 10 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 7.

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3 million in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (UNICEF, 2017). The vast majority of orphans usually reside with a family member, but those who are unfortunately not taken in by family members are usually placed under government care or in a private orphanage, where they are provided the basic needs to sustain and education in order to prepare them for the community. Main problems faced by children in Malaysia 1.      Povertyimpacts children within their various contexts at home, in school and in their neighbourhoods as well as communities. Poverty is linked with negative conditions such as homelessness, inadequate nutrition and food insecurity, unsafe neighbourhood etc. Poorer children and teens are at a greater risk for negative outcomes such as poor academic achievement, school dropout etc (UNICEF, 2017).

2.      Right to educationChildren who are unable to read and write have far fewer opportunities to seek self-improvement, especially in the increasingly modernized and globalized world we live in today. Without the knowledge to read or write, children are forced out on the streets to earn a living as they are unable to pursue higher studies that enable a good career.

Not only that, they may be forced to petty criminal activities such as pick-pocketing to feed themselves and to survive (UNICEF, 2017).3.      Child marriageChild marriage occurs when a child is forced to get married before the age of 18. They are less likely to remain in school and are more likely to experience domestic violence. In some cases, young teenage girls are more likely to die due to complications in early pregnancy and childbirth (UNICEF, 2017).4.

      Children sexually transmitted diseasesIn many cases orphans are heavily subjected to physical abuse as well as sexual abuse. Increasing their exposure to STD’s. these kids are usually left without any form of medical support due to lack of financing which in time shortens their lifespan (UNICEF, 2017). 5.      Child LabourIt is illegal for children under the age of 14 to work, child labour involves children being enslaved, separated from their families, exposed to serious hazards and illnesses. Children are left to fend for themselves on the streets (UNICEF, 2017).Malaysian Statistics of orphans in 2017In 2017, the composition of children under 18 years is 29.4 %, that is 9.

4 million children out of 32.0 million population. In terms of sex, the number of male children (4.

9 million persons) is more than females (4.6 million persons). Meanwhile, the composition of children under-5 years is 8.2 per cent of the total population in Malaysia. The number of male children (1.4 million persons) is more than females (1.3 million persons) (Department of statistics Malaysia, 2017)Pusat Jagaan SiddharthanEstablished in 2008, Pusat Jagaan Siddharthan is a welfare home housing orphans who have been abandoned or from a broken family.

The welfare home shelters boys and girls from 2 years up to 18 years along with disabled kids. Making them a Multi-Radical Centre (Pusat Jagaan Siddharthan , n.d.). The, Pusat Jagaan Siddharthan focuses on providing all the essential needs such as shelter, food, education, care attention, medication and love along with supplementary lessons in order to provide the students with well-balanced co-curricular education to develop and enhance their talents in order to prepare them to become independent people outside the shelter. Aims & Purposes of community service The aims and purpose of this community service project is to be able to lend a small hand to those kids at the orphanage and spend some time with them, so they can have the sense of enjoyment and care by others.Even though orphanages provide meals for the kids, they are usually facing financial difficulties in providing a decent meal for the kids and other financial difficulties such as maintenance costs, educational costs.

Aids from third parties such as ourselves, whether it be in monetary aid or even in small items can make a huge difference to the kids at the orphanages. As they are relying on others to take care of them.  Key measurable outcomesWe were assigned to visit an orphanage and extend our helping hand to the residents of the orphanage. Through our community service project, we expect to be able to raise / collect some amount of funds which we could utilize to purchase items such as stationaries for the kids, we also hope to be able to get actively involved in some activities such as house chores or teaching the kids and playing with them. In the hopes to make a change to the kids by bringing happiness and putting a smile on their face. With our contribution to the orphanage, we hope to achieve our goals through social and service action. Besides, participation in the community project would also help us to cultivate connections as a group, facilitating teamwork and communication. As it is an important aspect that can benefit us later in life.

Lastly, we hope that taking part in community service project can attain and achieve the rates of self-esteem because knowing that we as students, can make a difference in other people’s lives.Community Service Project Plan1. Find and Contact an orphanage (selected orphanage: Pusat Jagaan Siddharthan)2. Contact and collect approval from orphanage3.

Discussion on activities to be carried out and items to be purchased a) Activities to be carried out             – Donation of items purchased            – Short Games with children (board games, sing along sessions etc.)            – Helping students with their home works b) Items to purchase (pending confirmation with Pusat Jagaan Siddharthan)            – Stationaries             – Grocery items 4. Wrapping the gifts 5. Orphanage Visit6. Video recording of the project implementation and (IF possible) short montages and statements from the kids and staff.


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