INTRODUCTION manufacture, sale of cement and cement related


Hong Leong Group is involved in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution activities that generates a revenue base exceeding USD2.5 billion. The Group’s manufacturing and distribution operations and products are represented and distributed by a worldwide network of branches, appointed distributors and agents. Investing on its diversity and strength, the Group is committed to manufacturing product of the best quality at reasonable costs through continuous improvement, innovation, research and development. Hong Leong Manufacturing Group Sdn Bhd (HLMG) was incorporated in Malaysia to consolidate the Malaysian manufacturing activities of Hong Leong Group. Consequently, HLMG became the investment company of the Malaysian public corporations . Hume Industries Berhad (HBI) is one amongst the listed companies.
Hume Industries Berhad (HIB) was incorporated on 9 September 1980 in Malaysia as a private company under the name of Cement-Board (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. On 9 September 1981, the name was changed to Cemboard (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. and later on changed to Hume Cemboard (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. on 6 March 1991. It absolutely was then changed to Hume Cemboard Sdn. Bhd. on 15 December 1993 and on 12 August 1996, it was regenerate to a public limited company and altered its name to Hume Cemboard Berhad (HCB). HCB was listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad) on 16 March 1998. On 3 March 2003, HCB disposed of its fibre cement business to Ambang Subur Sdn. Bhd. (now called Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn. Bhd.) and have become associate investment company. On 9 October 2003, HCB acquired Hume Furniture Industries Sdn. Bhd. from Hume Industries (Malaysia) Berhad (now known as Hume Concrete Sdn. Bhd.) and changed its name to Narra Industries Berhad on 15 October 2003. On 23 October 2014, HIB completed the take over of Hume Cement Sdn. Bhd. and Hume Concrete Sdn. Bhd. from Hong Leong Industries Berhad and HLMG Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. On 23 October 2014, HIB assumed its present name .
HIB is actually an investment holding company while its subsidiaries are involved in the manufacture, sale of cement and cement related products, concrete products and concrete-related products and designs, manufacturing and supplying of furniture, and appropriate interior designs. Hume Industries Berhad are divided into 3 categories :-
1. Hume cement
2. Hume concrete
3. Hume Furniture Industries

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Hume Cement Sdn Bhd started operation in 2012 with the aim of providing an entire offer chain solution that meets customers’ needs. Now, the main office is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The cement plant factory is located in Gopeng, Perak that utilizes ground-breaking technology. The cement producing processes follow the international manufacturing and service standards such as MS ISO 9001 and MS ISO 14001. Hume Cement is led by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that continue to move the company forward with all the latest industry technical innovations. This strong combination of hardware and software sets make Hume Cement different from the rest. Hume Cement also play an importance role on going green and adopts environmentally-friendly processes. Hume Cement made three types of cement which are OPC, PCC and GGBFS.
Hume Concrete Sdn Bhd is another completely owned subsidiary of Hume Industries Berhad (HIB). The first precast (cast before being transported to the positioning of installation) concrete factory was in Prai on 1929. Hume has grown to become the premier manufacturer of precast concrete products, with 5 main factories strategically located throughout Malaysia to meet the needs for both local and export markets. The main office is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The concrete factories are located in Beranang (Selangor), Pasir Gudang (Johor), Kuantan (Pahang) and Sabah. Consequently, Hume’s name has become synonym with precast concrete in this country. Understanding customer’s needs and providing appropriate solutions have always been the hall-mark of the company. “CONCRETE PRECAST SOLUTIONS” is the motto that have subscribed to and put into practice steadfastly in their commitment towards valued customers. Hume is the pioneer in introducing the standard range of precast products such as Reinforced Concrete Square Pile, Box Culvert, U-Drain, L-Shape, Precast Concrete Pipe, Large Diameter Pipe Culvert, Manhole (Drainage & Sewerage), Giant Segmental Box Culvert and Prestressed Beam. They also developed a range of innovative products such as BEBO Arch, Arch Culvert, Box Girder, T-Wall, Concrete Sheetpile, Concrete Rail Sleeper, Tunnel Lining, Maritime components, Stadium components and Hume Industrialized Building System (IBS); Pre stressed RC Roofing, RC Wall Panel, Precast Car Park / School, Hollow Core Slab, Precast Staircase, Half Slab. Hume concrete also the licensee of BEBO range of arch crossing from BEBO International AG, Switzerland.
Hume Concrete are constantly expanding and upgrading their expertise besides acquiring new technology to change not only to fulfill client demands but to confront upcoming challenges. This has enable to undertake the demanding task of supplying precast concrete products in specialized and even complex projects including turn key projects both locally and abroad. These projects include Highways, Crossings, Tunnel Lining Segments, Maritime Structure and Buildings . They export the high quality precast concrete products to nations such as Japan, Kalimantan in Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Maldives and Singapore.
The example project in Malaysia that used Hume Concrete product are:-
1. Pekan Heritage Tourism Development (Phase 1A), Pekan, Pahang. (Hume Box Girder)
2. Politeknik Banting, Mukim Bandar, Daerah Kuala Langat, Selangor. (Industrial Building System)
3. Jalanraya Simpang Pulai – Lojing – Gua Musang – Kuala Berang, Terengganu. (BEBO)
4. Agensi Penguatkuasa Maritim Malaysia, Sandakan, Sabah. (Hollow Core Slab)
5. T-Wall at Pulai, Johor. ( T-Wall)
6. Half Slab at Glory Church Centre at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. (Half Slab)

In conclusion, on 20th April 2018, there are 37 students went to the site visit at Hume Concrete Sdn. Bhd. in Beranang, Kajang, Selangor. Hence, there are four engineers who are instructed to bring us around the factory. The factory is divided into two which are Beranang 1 and Beranang 2. There are 10 students per group and the engineer named for this group is Mr Ameer Irsyad b. Anuar. In addition, there are three main objectives of the siti visit which are to observe the techniques used at the site, to apply the theoretical knowledge from Civil Engineering Material ( CIVE 2319) during working at the site and to close up the view of product on site.


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