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IntroductionIn the following report, I will present an analysis a graduate-level person who has been beside me from 5 years ago when I arrived in the UK for making myself a successful career. On this report, it will be discussed about employees and customers, communication skills, management skills and leadership, planning and decision making, awards, all these being vital to a business progress and success. Having the opportunity to visit and monitoring the company closely, gave me an interesting angle for my report. The person I chose is Dr Dharmand Mortha, a business owner of Mortha Halls of Ivy, an education-training-research company which involve recruitment services. It also made it easier to set up an interview with him as he lives close to my house and does not have the office brought time restraints. Dr Mortha has held his present position for the past 5 years, since the inception of the company, which allowed me to work with him from the beginning. CommunicationThe focus of the interview was the unique challenges of good communication.

As a result, effective and consistent communications are being developed and is an established strength of the Agency in Dr Mortha’s opinion. Effective communication can be utilized through emails, newsletters, phones messages/calls, presentations, etc. (Miner 156). He also spoke concern over the inconsistent application of rules and standards of conduct.

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The company have 3 employees, one teacher, an accountant and a business recruitment manager. The company engages different organizations which can be government agencies, nonprofits, companies, and educational institutions. As the CEO of the company, Dr Mortha manages the company on a day-to-day basis. Employees and Customers, Management skills and LeadershipBased on his responses to the interview questions, Dr Mortha has five important roles in the company: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling and the most important three tasks he is responsible for accomplishing are to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times, employee motivation and retention and quality assurance across the broad range of operations.

As CEO of the company, he has also the function of general manager and administrator of the company, on this position he cooperates with other managers to make short-term and long-term plans for the firm. Planning and decision making is based on the vision and mission of the company (McLoughlin ; Aaker 122).As well, as general manager guides the implementation of the firm’s plans. His organizing includes the incensement of the company’s structure, firm connections between departments and job responsibilities for each employee. The company construction allows the performance of actions that advance the fulfillment of company’s goals. By directing, he offers leadership inside the organization.

Being questioned what he likes about being a manager, Dr Mortha answered: ”being in a management role, the most important I would like to feel satisfied it would be that I, being a part of this company is able to make a positive impact in the lives of students and able to help steer their careers and progression in their academics”. Also, Dr Mortha says that his employees are satisfied and most of them are accredited by the Investors in People. Being asked how he achieved that, he told me he had achieved this by training his staff by adopting virtual workspaces and seamlessly coordination tasks among team members.

The company invested in their Continuous Professional Development and have motivated them by using Dr Mortha’s own methods of rewards and goal setting. All staff have their own KRAs and Balance Score Card which help them to maintain productivity at all times. The correlation between employee’s productivity and satisfaction he believed if employees are able to be productive will they have a sense of achievement. Employee training and development is phase of motivation process to fulfill the higher needs. For motivating his employees, Dr Mortha create virtual workspaces of congratulations employees for their exceptional work done and the appreciation is seen by all staff and everybody gets to praise the employee as well.

Employees are taken out to participate in social and cultural programmes as an incentive towards meeting targets, arrangements like annual dinners and token of appreciations in reunions also help in the motivation and other flexible options of work from home and allow compensating time taken off to work late is an avenue for motivating staff members. I asked Dr Mortha if the strategies always did work and he was very sure and self-important about it having a positive ”yes” as an answer. The strategies have worked very well. By adopting these strategies, one doesn’t need to supervise a staff. The staff feels a sense of responsibility and takes charge of themselves. Dr Mortha interpreted leadership in his opinion, the ability for an organisation to run by itself no monitored or unsupervised, where you get people to have completed their roles and responsibilities automatically.

His leadership in his company he exercises it, believing in setting out values and having in place short term and long term goals and as a team ensure we execute them. I also queried him if he was a born leader or did he learn to lead. Leaders are born or made doesn’t matter, leadership is a passion, a desire to achieve and excel and execute, answered Dr Mortha, which is in my belief as well. He says about leadership challenges such as convincing the board of major decisions and increasing capital for extension of business had been his disputes. Performance ManagementOne of the tasks that Dr Mortha cited as the one he dislikes least is performance evaluation.

Evaluations and opinions are created under performance management. The fundamental of performance management is to recognise training needs and areas where the personnel want to improve on.Of all the administration features, leadership is possibly the most critical.

Organizations that have visionary leaders have been determined to outperform their peers. Leadership means offering strategic direction to the firm. Decisions on hiring and how to control employees are mostly driven by the company’s strategic focus. Ambitious and strategic companies invest heavily in recruiting the best and maintaining them above everything else. ConclusionManaging staff members is not easy. The difficult section is coming up with the proper policies to motivate them to be beneficial and creative. Human resource is crucial and managers who are able to control people be successful in developing great and profitable companies. Motivation strategies should revolve around meeting the needs of employees.

Beyond that, managers have strategic and every day duties. The General Manager is tasked with developing strategic route for the agency whilst the managers can lift out routine tasks to make certain that the activities of the company are operating smoothly (Monin 200).


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