INTRODUCTION freezing. HOW are THE strawberries genetically

INTRODUCTIONIn this essay, I will be talking about the frozen-resistant strawberries. How are they made? If it is good or bad for you? What is the use for genetically modifying the strawberries? I will write about my opinions, reflect the effects, the advantages, and disadvantages.Why are strawberries genetically modified ?To start with, strawberries are quite sensitive to cold temperatures. Each year, at least 20% of the strawberry harvest in some countries is lost due to frost. For example, Norway. Resulting the frozen-resistant strawberries.

They are genetically modified, to be able to support very cold temperatures, without rotting or completely freezing. HOW are THE strawberries genetically modified ?The strawberry is genetically modified with a gene that creates a sort of antifreeze protein, which they take from a fish called ” the arctic flounder”, or from peanuts. Once they have the gene that they need, it is placed into the genome (A genome is an organism’s complete set of DNA, including all of its genes. https://ghr.

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order now code of a strawberry.GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD HISTORY When various advancements in genetic techniques and DNA was discovered in the early 1900s it very quickly became possible to directly alter the DNA and genes with the food.

In 1993, the first genetically modified plant was created by using an antibiotic-resistant tobacco plant. In 1994, the Flavr Savr tomato was the first genetically modified food approved for release. And so on as the years went on, the technology and science got better and precise, leading to our modern genetically modified foods, such as the strawberries.WHAT ADVANTAGES BRING THESE STRAWBERRIES ?Thanks to these genetic modification, the strawberries will be a nice and bright red color. They will grow stronger, and healthier than it normally would .

Along that, they will also be resistant to a disease called Pseudomonas. Pseudomonas is a disease that eats away the fruits, the plants and the leaves etc. It can then result to losing all the nutrition value of the crop. While being genetically modified for being ” anti-frozen” it is also modified to look, taste better and also help last long longer, to then sell more of them.Another advantage, is that these frozen-resistant strawberries can be quite useful , especially to world hunger. The strawberries are bacteria and frozen resistant.

Meaning it will help grow bigger fields of crop, providing more food, in less time.WHAT ARE THE disadvantages OF THESE STRAWBERRIES ?Aside from all these advantages, genetically modified strawberries come with a few troubling side effects. Since as numerous as 1.6 % of Americans are diagnosed with peanut allergies, the modification of strawberries using the genes from peanuts wasn’t liked and protested by many.

Especially since the selling of them is bigger, due to the fact that they have a brighter and redder tone to it making it look a little healthier also making them grow firmer and bigger. Therefor, leading to many allergic reactions. Be that as it may depend if a new protein is introduced to the person’s diet.

In the event that this person is careful with what they eat, what kind of diet they have, etc, they might not have any allergic reaction.WHAT ARE THE economic ADVANTAGES / DISADVANTAGES ?There are obviously advantages and disadvantages environmentally and economically. Starting withe economical advantages. These modified strawberries economically help the farmers. They take profit of the bigger crops, therefor, gaining more money for them.

In addition to the previous point made, the farmers then have the ability to save more money, considering the fact that they do not need to spend the majority of it on chemical products, such as pesticides etc. Economic disadvantage, is that organic farms, are being replaced by these genetically modified strawberries, meaning, some of them lose their money.WHAT ARE THE ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGES / DISADVANTAGES ?Finally the advantages and disadvantages of the strawberries. First of all, an advantage, would be that the farmers wouldn’t have to put anymore toxic products on the crops, such as pesticides etc.

A disadvantage for the environment, is that it reduces the amount of organically grown farms, and more of monoculture farms. So some of the organic farms, will lose their campaign, and eventually some may even close their money, as said in my economics disadvantage. CONCLUSION I personally do not think that genetically modified strawberries are good for the human being.

In spite of the fact that it does help sell more, it does put people’s life in danger, also, they are no supposed to last long. That is just the way the were created, and I do not think that we should change that. In conclusion, Their are quite a few advantages and disadvantages, that come with these genetically modified strawberries. Some people think they’re good for the population, economy etc, some others don’t think the same.Citations:URL TitleLess pain for the physically active – The Research Council of NorwayArticle TitleResearch for frost-resistant strawberry plantsDate AccessedOctober 03, 2018URL Titleprezi.comArticle Title~Frost-resistant Strawberries~Date PublishedDecember 19, 2013Date AccessedOctober 03, 2018URL TitleI-Marketing-BizArticle TitleAdvantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified StrawberriesDate PublishedAugust 06, 2012Date AccessedOctober 03, 2018URL TitleWikipediaArticle TitleGenetically modified foodDate PublishedOctober 05, 2018Date AccessedOctober 06, 2018


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