Introduction This prompted me to convince my parents

IntroductionMr. Joseph Ludwig is a family member whom I have known more than twenty years. We have played together since our childhood moments.

We were privileged to ride the same bike he had because my parents could not manage to buy me a bike at the age of three years. We have always gone camping and scouting in the Amazon forests for more than three times. He is a person who I always resort to for urgent assistance. He has never hesitated to come to my rescue the moment I need him. This prompted me to convince my parents to take us in the same high school. We all qualified for university though he went to Harvard University to pursue his dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer while I enrolled for my undergraduate studies at Yale University pursuing bachelor degree in economics. However, Mr.

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Joseph Ludwig is a victim of prostate cancer. I still value our friendship though his health state is a source of many problems not only to him and his family, but to a large extend, to close friends like me. Despite the fact of him suffering from prostate cancer, Mr.

Joseph Ludwig has set of unique interpersonal traits that have enabled him to put on smile and raise a happy family amid dark and desolate valley of pessimism engulfing him. Unique TraitsMr. Joseph Ludwig has what I always call audacity of hope. He is a strong believer that suffering from prostate cancer is not end of life. He is always convincing us that even a mere cold can kill you.

Therefore, he is optimistic that he is a normal person like others and ever ready to pursue his dreams of having a happy family. On most occasions, he is engulfed in excruciating pain though this has never derailed his plans of living a normal life. He is always telling me, “Andrew, as a friend and close associate, death is must for all of us. We are privileged to live even for a single day. Having managed to celebrate my twenty fifth birthday is a huge privilege from God. I am always grateful for that.

Prostate cancer should not take away my dreams and ambitions of staying a happy life”. These are common words he is ever telling me. He talks with a lot of confidence and with a smiling face. He is the best case study for those who have hope in life. Mr. Joseph Ludwig is an embodiment of reason is society. People look up to him and this has always made him to be strong and focused in life. He has a set of personal skills that make him unique and desirable in society.

Having interacted with him since childhood, it is clear that prostate cancer has not interfered with his emotional intelligence. He is good at managing his emotions and that of others. For example, whenever his wife is engulfed in emotional stress because of his medical condition, he approaches her in an intimate way and reminds her that getting emotional won’t change or cure his prostate cancer. Despite of his nauseating medical condition, he is a good problem solver and decision maker. He has perfected the art of identifying, defining, solving problems and making decisions in a comprehensive manner. Mr.

Joseph Ludwig’s ability to live with prostate cancer is based on his personal strength of ever being motivated. Once he has set a goal, he will always use all means to realize it. Therefore, he directs his efforts towards what he believes being of value as opposed to getting stressed about his medical state. He is a loving and caring husband. His first priority in life is his family hence ever focused to ensure that happiness in the family is a basic need. The unique nature and unconditional love towards his family and friends has proved as an antidote to ever deteriorating prostate cancer.

Mr. Joseph Ludwig is a survivor of prostate cancer because of transferable skills that he has gained through past experiences. He is an effective listener who is highly organized. He is ever taking instructions from medical professionals on the need to lead a normal life. He follows every instruction by family therapist and counselor on how to avoid succumbing to mental torture.

Spiritually, he is a dedicated Christian who seeks solace from Holy Scriptures. He has faith that every human being has his own fate and that we should take challenges with a positive attitude. He is passionate about helping others and ensuring that they don’t succumb to psychological and mental trauma. ConclusionMr. Joseph Ludwig is a hero and survivor of prostate cancer. He resorts to various strategies of ensuring that he is not adversely affected with the disease. He appreciates the fact that getting diagnosed with prostate cancer causes fear because you will start creating memory pictures of family members who have died. He knows that doctors do their best to victims of prostate cancer so that they lead normal lives though their input may not be enough.

However, he knows that this may not mean that you are not going to survive prostate cancer. He has always taught us that a victim of prostate cancer should either supplement what medical doctors have done or go extra mile in the event that you feel that the input is not enough to make you going. Use of alternative means is necessary to lead normal life. Mr.

Joseph Ludwig’s unmatched strengths do show that surviving prostate cancer is possible in society. It only requires you to accept that indeed you are a victim. Defeating this disease requires you to follow a number of healthy habits such as eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, limiting consumption of animal protein, eating grains and taking green tea, avoiding drinks rich in sugar and choosing organic foods if possible. Maintaining a healthy diet can help victims recover after successful prostate cancer treatment.

Successful battling of prostate cancer cannot be accomplished without having unique personal strengths like those exhibited by Mr. Joseph Ludwig. Despite public notion that you cannot survive once you are a victim of prostate cancer, Mr. Joseph Ludwig tells us that battling prostate cancer is possible.


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