Introduction both are located in the Punjab

Introduction of Food & Beverage Industry
People travel from their home going about their business study tourism activity and many more and that time they must need to eat and drink. And food and beverage industry meet this demand by supplying food and beverages. People want variety in food so these industries also have variety in offering food (BCcampus, n.d.)

A restaurant is place or establishment where food and beverage is served to the people in exchange of the money. Food and beverage are mainly prepared and consumed in the property but now a days many restaurant provide take away and home delivery. Restaurant are classified according to the Ambiance, Service they provide and cuisines (wikipedia, 2018)
For the essay on two enterprise to be compared one is Gastro eater hub and second one is Aneja both are located in the Punjab and city name is Patiala
Two different attributes of two different enterprises of food and beverage industry are following:
Gastro Eatery Hub it is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the centre of the city and target both families and students, as the name shows that some food items are prepared with the help of gastronomy method of cooking and nitrogen gas and this thing is exclusive in the whole town. The environment of the gastro is very quiet and peaceful sitting arrangement of gusts is very comfortable. Total twelve worker work in the gastro five in the kitchen staff four in the service staff two in the cleaning staff and last one is manager, all the worker are familiar to food and beverage industry, Gastro use TV screens and paper type menu. They use different menu card for different cuisine .All the items on the menu written with price and small discretions of that food item. The Ambiance of the gastro is based on old wooden ship with lot of rope and mirror on the walls. Gastro open in December last year so for the marketing purpose almost gastro serve at very reasonable price. The hot selling food items of this property are mystery box and break up. The main thing of restaurant is all the food items are prepared when the order comes from gust only Miseen place is prepared in the morning and they use very high quality of cutlery and crockery for serving the food items .Gastro can take care of fifty people at same time when the guest enters in the restaurant one member of the service staff greet according to the day and lead him toward the chair and after serving the water then ask for the order when the guest consume his all meal then bill is send to him and gastro accept almost all the method of payment after that manager come to the guest and ask for the feedback and suggestion
Aneaja :- This is also a continental restaurant which is located outer boundaries of city Patiala near to Punjabi University. The main target of this property is students and very famous for birthday parties. The ambiance of this property is very simple and clear, but the sitting arrangements are not comfortable restaurant use simple types of chair and tables. The painting of the food items are hanged on the walls. This restaurant has sitting capacity of near about 70 PAX. Aneja has a very busy environment, sometimes guest has to wait to enter in the restaurant. Aneja is very famous in the town due to its very affordable menu price and fast service they use very simple cutlery and crockery for food items, the lowest food items start from thirty-five rupees which is less than one New Zealand dollar .the menu of this property is not very large, near about fifty food items are include in the menu and the menu is written on the laminated piece of the paper and placed on every table. Mostly foods items in this restaurant are pre pared the kitchen staff just heat it up and serve to the guest. Near about ten workers work in this property three in kitchen staff four in-service staff two in cleaning and the last one is manager but except manager none of them are familiar to this industry. In this property guest settle his bill before take the meal the only method of payment is by Indian cash, no credit or debit card accepted.
Roles and Responsibilities of Gastro Eatery Hub’s Food and Beverage Manager
The job of manager are comes on the top in an organization. This job also comes in top management category. Generally managers are responsible for the overall performance of the property.

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The manager of Gastro Eatery hub is Lovepreet kaur Sekhon. She completed her degree in hospitality and hotel management from Punjabi university Patiala.

And she select staff ,take interview from new joining after that give them training according to their work .she also conduct departmental and pre-shift meeting to inform the staff regarding house count ,parties and sometime like change in menu.

She Move throughout the facility and kitchen areas to ensure that food quality and service standards are met. Moreover she creates forecast and revenue reports of the property and ensures compliance with local, state and federal laws. Furthermore she is responsible for Maintain cleanliness of restaurant, service areas, and service trays. She also cheek feedback from guests about concerning food, beverages, service and improvement ideas she also responsible for providing safe environment for both customers and staff members. She checks the new trends in the industry and upgrades his staff according to this
Constraints that effect food and beverage manager in their job…

• External factors
Political government of the day regularly changes laws in line with its political policies. As a result manager has to respond to these changes. Like if there are any changes in the legal framework, fiscal structure of the country, government taxes system, and government policy regarding employment development. Manager has to understand all of these factors and need to do further planning on the bases of that.
Economic:- it include economic condition, economic policies and economic system of a country and their influence on the buying behaviour of consumer like rise in cost, sales instability, Changes in expenditure patterns and people’s disposable incomes Expansion and retraction of credit facilities, Interest rates on borrowed capital manger has to understand all of these Changes to run enterprise effectively
social :- It consist of social factor such as age, occupation, population distribution ,life style, traditions, customer preferences etc food and beverage manager need to forecast this to meet customer requirements and demand
Technical: – Food and beverage manager has to understand and adopt the advancement in technology which leads to higher quality, less time, and lower cost of food production. however introduction of advanced technology requires higher capital investment
Internal Factors
Food & Beverage :- Perishability of food and the need for adequate stock ,Wastage and bad portion control turnover ,Pilferage from kitchen , restaurants, bars and stores that effect food and beverage manager in their job
Staff. :- manager has to understand the reason of staff shortages within the industry, Absenteeism, high staff turnover, Poor supervision and training of new staff so that he become able to control over this.

Control: – food and beverage manager need to maintain Cash and credit control and collection, Maintenance of up to date costing and pricing of all menu items, Maintenance of efficient food and beverage control system. which manager assure that the actual activities conform to the planned activities
Role of the food and beverage manager in the total customer experience
Food and Beverage Managers are responsible for making sure that customers needs are fullfiled and that the service is always met with standard,.




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