Introduction purpose of this trip which is

IntroductionOn the 4th July 2018, we were followed two lecturers went to visit The National Museum Malaysia. The purpose of this trip which is hope we can increase knowledge and have more understanding about the Malaysia history, the different culture in Malaysia and the historical collections.

Malaysia’s national museum (Malay: Muzium Negara), is a collection of historical and cultural heritage museum in Malaysia, it is located on Jalan Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, it is near the Perdana Lake Gardens. The museum was opened to the public on August 31, 1963. It outlines the history and culture of Malaysia.

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The design of the building which is similar to Rumah Gadang and Minangkabau architecture. There has three-storey building and constitute by four major ethnics and natural history galleries. These four gallery which are Pre History, Malaysia Today, Malay Kingdoms and Colonial Era.

In this report it will touch about the highlights that I learn in this educational tour, exhibited element, perception of Malaysia change and thought on being a responsible citizen after the tour, social issue that observed me during the tour, self-reflection on the whole visit and the conclusion.Three HighlightsIn the National Museum Negara there have a lot of different culture historical objects, among of them, there have three historical object and culture most attract me, which are culture of Baba and Nyonya, Golden Flower (Bunga Mas) and Mural of Hang Tuah.Culture of Baba and Nyonya About the culture of Baba and Nyona, Baba Nyonya, also called Peranakan Chinese, or Straits-born Chinese, It refers to the descendants of Chinese immigrants of the Ming and Qing dynasties who settled in malacca, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and myanmar from the early 15th century to the 17th century. Their culture is influenced in part by Malay or other non-chinese ethnic groups. Their culture is influenced in part by Malay or other non-chinese ethnic groups. Men are called as ”Baba” and women are called as ”Nyonya”. Before 1960 s Baba Nyonya is native identity as indigenous in Malaysia, but due to some factors of party politics by the Malaysian government classified them as a Chinese (Malaysian Chinese). Since then, Baba Nyonya they are are no longer indigenous.

Mural of Hang Tuah Hang Tuah, he was a famous naval commander of the Malacca dynasty during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah in the 15th century and a legendary warrior of the Malay. He was one of the most capable and loyal naval commanders and was considered one of the greatest Silat masters in Malaysian history. According to the record, Hang Tuah was credited with a person who have a sense of justice and he has been credited with fighting piracy. In today’s Malay culture, the tunnel is the most respected, arguably the most famous and outstanding warrior in Malay history and literature. His distinguished career included serving as commander in chief of the navy and his absolute and unwavering loyalty to Sudan and heroic deeds.

His story is recorded in Sulalatus Salatin (a work that includes myths, legends and historical facts) and Hikayat Hang Tuah.Golden Flower (Bunga Mas) Golden Flower, also be called as Bunga Mas in Malay. Which is made by quality gold. In ancient times, the purpose of the Golden Flower which is served as a special gift tribute to Siam in order to survive.

As Siam’s influence in the Malay peninsula grew, Siam demanded that the Malay kingdom of the peninsula must tribute the Golden Flower (Bunga mas) every three years to Siam to show its loyalty and as a symbol of friendship. The Golden Flower (Bunga mas) is composed of two small trees, elaborately carved out of gold and silver, about one meter high, surrounded by expensive gifts, weapons and cloth. According to historical records, the first gift of Golden Flower to Siam came in 1781, this practise was ended by the end of the 19th century. Although there is no tribute now, the fine art of making Golden Flower has been preserved and become valuable works of art in Malay Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah and other states.Exhibited ElementIf I had to choose only one exhibited element in this tour, the element that I choose which is Gallery C: Colonial Era. In this gallery C it is all about the highlights of the history of Malay countries under the control of foreign powers. Include Malaysia be invasion and control by Japan and Britain, threats from Siam to colonize Malaysia.In this gallery also talk about the reason that caused Malaysia be invasion which is that attract foreign power to Malay land are its strategic location at the intersection of the east-west trade route in the Malacca strait and its rich natural resources.

Foreign powers ruled the country for more than 400 years. During this period, the wealth of the country was monopolized, the local people were oppressed and deprived of their rights, leading to people’s awareness of protecting their rights in their homes. It also includes the political, social and economic impact of the colonial regime and the changes it has brought. Those things exhibited in this gallery it was made me most impressed.

These are the reason that why I selected this exhibited element. Self-Reflection on whole visitMy perception of Malaysia change after the tour After visiting the museum, I got to know Malaysia better. I have learned more about different cultures in Malaysia and more about Malaysian history. One of the things that impressed me most was the process of Malaysia’s independence from occupation. In the face of the threat from Siam, Portugal, the Netherlands has conquered and ruled the Malacca, Japanese invasion, the efforts of the predecessors, the resistance of the predecessors, until finally the Malaysia declared its independence in 1957.

All these things are clearly recorded in the museum. These traces of history have given me great respect for the heroes of Malaysia. It is their actions and efforts that make Malaysia independent and enable Malaysia to develop independently. It is their efforts that make Malaysia prosperous today. I think we should cherish our country more, because nowadays everything comes easily. Finally, I think we have to make sure that those traditional cultures, those precious historical relics, can continue to pass on to the next generation.My thoughts on being a responsible citizenAs for my idea of being a responsible citizen, first of all, we must stop comparing Malaysia with other countries, and stop thinking that Malaysia is always inferior to other countries. We must recognize Malaysia’s good, not magnify its bad.

No country is perfect. Every country has its own good and bad. For example, many countries advanced science and technology than Malaysia, but they face all kinds of natural disasters, on the other hand, Malaysia people do not need to face the natural disasters, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and so on.Secondly, we must know the meaning of responsibility: responsibility is what one should do. Responsibility is that one should not do something. We live in a society and play different roles, and each role often means a responsibility. I am responsible to myself, to others, to the collective, to the society, to the country, and growing up in the responsibility.

Make a firm promise and keep it. Admit mistakes and accept their consequences. Take responsibility consciously and enjoy the pleasure of taking responsibility. Learn to reflect on your responsibilities, and grow up in taking responsibility as a responsible citizen. We must strictly abide by the rules and laws formulated by the government so as to make our country a desirable place and a better country.Social Issue After visit the museum, i realized a social issue that which has existed from ancient times until now, which is Gender Discrimination (Sexism).

Sexism has been and still is a controversial issue. For example, in ancient times, the woman is very low in social status, women had no right to decide anything, they have no chance to accepting education, they are considered to be men’s appendage, It’s even given as a gift to other, the purpose of women exist is only to birth to children, do household chores, laundry, cooking and so on of the chores. Many people believe that women are inferior to men, until nowdays that idea still exists. For example, They think that girls are not suitable for the police, because the police have requirements for physical strength, and discriminators think that girls are not competent, because women are not as good as men, and girls are naturally weak.

Girls are only suitable for jobs like paperwork.ConclusionThis is my first visit to the national museum, which is a good and unforgettable experience for me. Through this visit, I had the opportunity to contact various historical relics and learn more about the history of Malaysia. Although I in high school history, have some knowledge of history in Malaysia, but when you face to face with his eyes looking at the history of cultural relics, and you see the same from the textbooks, it is a different experience. Through this visit, I think we must have these historical knowledge and cultural inheritance to the next generation, for the younger generation to understand and realize that today’s Malaysia, is to have all sorts of ups and downs are now peace and prosperity, we must embrace gratitude, and efforts to join hands in creating a better country.References1. (2018). Muzium Negara.

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