INTRODUCTION because most of the laborer in our

INTRODUCTIONOne of the most prominent business today is selling of vegetables. Vegetables in Philippines are seen to continue prospering because most of the laborer in our country are farmers. Vegetables are increasingly becoming important as produce for domestic and export markets. The need in the food is continuously increasing same as the population rises. By this time, consumers are intelligent in choosing the food of their family in terms of nutrition that we can get from the food we eat. The vegetables we eat had the quality and great potential to improve the nutrition and thereby health of consumers that are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and protein needed for functioning and developing of human body. Now, consumers are wise in preparing food. As we know, children experiences difficulties in eating vegetables because of some reason that they don’t want the taste, color, or even its structure.

Every mother is worried how their child will persevere in eating vegetables that their body needs so they have to learn what are the methods that they can use to convince their child to eat nutritious vegetables without complaining and what are the vegetables they can prefer to their child that contains high in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.In fact, here in the Philippines, in order to help other countries to their problem in fulfilling their needs especially in food we are also exporting it to their countries to help and share the nutrition and the ways of letting a child to eat the vegetable. It is a huge problem that the children of our society does not eat vegetable that they need to grow and to be sick free. Some vegetables are naturally planted here in the Philippines. In the field of marketing, buying and selling goods such as vegetables are high in demands in the market. The reason why the demand is high is because of the need of the consumers in their everyday life. Since we have a lot of fresh goods some vegetables are perennials but the most annuals are biennials, usually harvested within a year of planting.

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In this study, you can have a background knowledge on what is the development of our statement of the problem. In order to understand the survey of the most selling vegetables in Pili Public market ,we have to know first the top 10 leading vegetables in Pili Public market that were sold. This research aim to know what are the possible ways we can help you to advice which one is the most sold, and which one has the most nutrients of a vegetable contains. The reason why we will conduct this research is to help the consumers to be aware of what vegetables they have to buy in low cost, to save money but the good quality is still there. In this study our purpose is to know the demands of consumers in vegetables at Pili Public Market. If this study was not completely conducted, it could be hard for the researchers to find out and compare what particular vegetables are increasing in demand between the past and present years. GENERAL STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThe aim of this study is to determine the most selling vegetables in Pili Public Market.1.

What are the vegetables sold in the market?2. What are the factors affecting the supply and demands of vegetables in PiliPublic market?3. What are the benefits of the most selling vegetables to human??OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYTo determine the vegetables that are sold in pili public market.To determine the factors affecting the supply and demand of vegetables in pili public market.To determine the most selling vegetables in pili public market.

SCOPE AND DELIMITATIONThis study has limitations for gathering information and for the people who will be involved. The people who are concerned by this study are vendors having expertise in identifying the demand and most rapidly sold vegetables in Pili Public Market and does not involve other vendors outside the Pili Public Market. On the other hand, the farmers are also included because they are also prioritizing and analyzing what vegetables are mostly ordered by the buyers and most importantly are the customers because they are the consumers of the need of their daily life. This study will focus in the most selling vegetables in Pili Public Market only. The data and information will be gathered in Pili Public Market and will not conduct in any Market. It cannot be compared to other resources unless it was the same topic as we have. The respondents of the study are 15-80 years old vendors in Pili Public Market and the data will be collected in one week.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe result of this study will be a great benefit to the following: VENDORS. The results will provide the vendors an idea to guide them the most profitable vegetables to get a good source of income. FARMERS. Knowing the data will lead the farmers choosing and deciding what could be the best vegetables to be planted in their fields and to be sold. CONSUMERS. The consumers will understand what kind of vegetables are preferably to buy and the nutrition of the vegetables it contains.

FUTURE RESEARCHER. They can use this study for the of their background study related to it. SOCIETY. It has a big contribution to the society in terms of the information they can get for economic vegetable growing.

The importance of this study is to contribute the detailed information about the price increase of the goods and services or inflation especially in the field of vegetables in the Pili Public Market where it gives factual way and evidences to prove the research.


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