INTRODUCTION global FDI in 1990 around the world

One of the most striking developments during the last two decades is the spectacular growth of FDI in the global economic landscape. This unprecedented growth of global FDI in 1990 around the world make FDI an important and vital component of development strategy in both developed and developing nations and policies are designed in order to stimulate inward flows. Infact, FDI provides a win – win situation to the host and the home countries. Both countries are directly interested in inviting FDI, because they benefit a lot from such type of investment. The ‘home’ countries want to take the advantage of the vast markets opened by industrial growth. On the other hand the ‘host’ countries want to acquire technological and managerial skills and supplement domestic savings and foreign exchange. Moreover, the paucity of all types of resources viz. financial, capital, entrepreneurship, technological know- how, skills and practices, access to markets- abroad- in their economic development, developing nations accepted FDI as a sole visible panacea for all their scarcities. Further, the integration of global financial markets paves ways to this explosive growth of FDI around the globe.


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