Introduction ideologies continue to characterize and shape

IntroductionLiberalism and Nationalism are two different ideologies thatemerged in Europe following the French Revolution, although they both havedeeper backgrounds in European intellectual history these ideologies continueto characterize and shape political developments within the twenty-firstcentury In this essay I amgoing to be comparing if both the ideologies Liberalism and Nationalism are compatible.For us to understand the if they are compatible I will also discuss the historyof both ideologies. Liberalism is a politicalideology which main purpose is to protect and improve the liberty ofindividuals. History of LiberalismLiberalism did notcome into force until the early nineteenth century. However, liberal views andvalues had been industrialised through huge social changes from the sixteenth century.

(REFERENCE) Nationalism is a notion that involves a feeling of extremely strongattachment for one’s own country. (Bettina 2016) Liberals believe that everyone is born equal (REFERENCE)everyone have different abilities and talents and liberals aim to provideindividuals with equal opportunities so everyone realise their potentials. Classicalliberalism was against with the association of the government in the economicand social affairs of the state. Classical liberalism was first developed byAdam Smith (Hansen, Curtis & Curtis, 2008). He suggested the fact thatthere was an essential for a free enterprise where prices would be controlledby market forces.

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Smith believed they would offer a free and equal opportunityfor to all individuals to participate. In this way both the rich and the poorwill benefit relatively rather than be in a position where the rich are theonly ones who benefitted. This was very much different from the formersituation of mercantilism where the government was very extremely involved in guidelinesof the markets.Duringthe French revolution and the growth of the European revolution, there are somefactors with liberalism, that both had a important role which was to preventand help stop oppression of the citizens. However even though oppression andthe approaches of liberal political movements and political thinking, Liberalism was consequentlymuch pleasing to the lower social class because it get them equal chance as therich to make use of their skills and participate in national expansion. Eventhough it received a high amount of disapproval from the rich or those of highsocial status, it later came to succeed and that’s the reason why we even havedemocratic societies in the Europe and the entire world (Curtis & Curtis,2008).Historyof Nationalism     ConclusionIn conclusion Nationalism and Liberalism are compatible indifferent ways, as shown with the existence of liberal nationalism.

Liberal nationalismwas based on the existence of political concerns that liberalism associatedwith the individual which therefore regarded the moral entities to certainrights just like the individuals 


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