Introduction: activity through computer or related devices as

Introduction: Inthis Modern era, cybercrime has become a buzzword. Actually, Cybercrime meansillegal activity through computer or related devices as a tool and the internetas a connection in order to reach a variety of objectives .

1Hackerswere first started cybercrime by trying to break into computer networks.1Some of them had done it only for the thrill of accessing high-level securitynetworks, but others for sought to gain many sensitive, classified and secretmaterials.1 Criminals started to infect computer networking systems withviruses that leads to breakdowns on business as well as personal computers.1 Nowadays, hackersand other criminals in the virtual world are always trying to get the most sensitiveand secret data & information at least amount cost by viruses and alsoother types of malicious soft-wares.2Infact, theInternet is the largest chain of computer network that are connected togetherwhich had a great impact to connect us globally by allowing the transmission ofinformation, messages, and data 2.Besides these opportunities, Unfortunately thislargest network connectivity also allows lawless individuals to communicatewith other lawless individuals as well as with their victims.

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2Inthis assignment, we will try to discuss about cybercrime in detail including thetypes, methods, technical reasons and adverse impact of cyber crimes on anetwork as well as the behavior , psychology behind this crime & someeffective solutions . Some common Cybercrimes are:61. Phishing Scams2. Online Scams3.

Malware4. Email Bombing5. Virus Dissemination6. Logic Bombs7. Theft8. Social Media Hack & Spamming9.

Electronic Money Laundering10. Sales & Investment Fraud11. Eavesdropping & Surveillance12. Software Piracy13. Data Diddling14.

Salami Slicing Attack15. Hacking(website ,socialaccount)16. Cyber Stalking17. Cyber Bullying18. Identity Theft19. Child Soliciting & Abuse20. Ransomware TechnicalReasons : Thereare many technical reasons behind these crimes.

Some technical reasons behind cybercrimes are as follows: •     Lackof reporting and standards4•     Toughto identify4•     Limitedmedia coverage.4•     Leastmarginal cost of online activity due to global reach.4•     Avery few rate of Official investigation and criminal prosecution4•     Capabilityof computer to store data in comparatively small space.4•     Easyto access4•     Complexitiesin operating systems code4•     Lakeof evidence4•     Negligence4•     Loopholesin systems5•     Confidentialinformation in online5 The threats ofcybercrime to the network security are not only for several organizations, butcan be observed all over the world indifferentcountries. Relative risk ofrunning computer networks around the world are shown bellow:2 Name of the Country Parcentages(%) Chile 61% China 45% South Koria 35% US 7% Germany 7% Japan 6% UK 6% Sweden 4% Narway 3%  Network security:2Its very alarming forour country also. Now, its urgent to prevent cyber crimes. So we all should tryto use proper network security.Some  common types of Information Security NetworkProtection(ISNP) packages are as follows:1.BlackIce2.Conseal PC3.Tiny4.Protect X5.Sygate Firewall6.Win Route Pro7.Zone Alarm8.At Guard9.Esafe Desktop10.Hack tracer10.InternetFirewall 2000  Benefits of Network Securities:Network securities are very essential to prevent cyber crimes due to manybenefits  such as:1.Reducesunauthorized lawless individuals from accessing someone’snetwork.22.Gives transparent& legal access to Internet-enabled users.23.Ensure thatthe  sensitive data & information istransferred safely by the public network.24.Provide networkmanagers to search and fix security problems.25.Gives aeffective system of warning alarms attempt to access network.2


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