Introduction business knowing that he/she is the

IntroductionThe Green Acorn Hotel and restaurants have experienced a number of problems in the last two years and the problems are making the business suffer and end up shutting down. As managers you must find problems and try to resolve them and find solutions for them so that the business will keep on running smoothly. Bodya. Too high beverage cost• Stocking more beverages and not counting them every-time when the stock is taken from the storage and the barman will steal beverage from the business knowing that he/she is the one who count the stock and covers the missing ones. • Mixing different types of beverages for your customers and price you charge customers.

• Under-pouring drinksBarmaid when they under-pour drinks they use an inappropriate shot glass or jigger. Free-pouring –not using a measured pour at all can also results in under-pouring.• Pouring drinks from private bottlesBar-keep bring their own bottles and flow from them.

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• Pouring free drinksBarman can steal from the property of income by supplying away drinks to friends or workers.• Collusion with food production employeesBar chef can trade liquor for food product in the kitchen.• Intrigue with beverage serversFlair-man can work with the waiters.

Drinks can be arranged for the waiter, and the unrecorded income divided between the two employees.• Putting shorter glasses in line and taking liquor, going forward and backward.b. Increased guest complains on guestrooms not being up to standard, without amenities and delayed check-ins.• The aren’t free WI-FI in my bedroom.• Running out of warm water.• Rooms not been cleaned.• Wanting to go to the room sleep after a long flight and the receptionist tells you that the room is not ready yet.

• There aren’t any as many towels in my bedroom.• Guest complain about a waiting period in checking in.• The bed linen haven’t been changed.• The carpet is still looks dirty, it’s disgusting.• Why is it taking too long to fix the air conditioner.• Guests complain about running out of toilet paperc.

High staff turnover• Workers are worked to the bone:Almost 70% of workers feel as though there aren’t as much hours in the week to do their jobs. Having too many work on their plates week in and week out isn’t completely inspiring, to say the minimum. Exhaust with too much work will often ump ship to link businesses that interpret the value of work-life balance.• Group members are treated differently:When the boss’s preferred workers begin getting treated differently than everybody else, it’s only a matter of time prior to other workers get resentful. You can’t let single worker make their own pliable programme if no one else is stated that prerogative.• Workers like making hard cash:Nearly 25% of workers abandon their jobs for a 10% increase somewhere else. If your organisation provide parsimonious salaries and pause to give increase, chances are members of the team will continually be on the lookout for a decamp.• Company civilization is poisonous:Work civilization is powerfully correlated with employee’ joy .

When workers love their company , they’re contented and extra productive. When they detest the company culture, they’re sorrowful and unmotivated.Take a gaze around. Do your employees look delighted? Or do they look to be going along the motions?• Employees detest their bosses:If you notice that a lot of your employees who work under a specific manager are jumping ship, it’s not because your company is so awesome and they simply won’t keep up with it. it’s because the director is terrible.• There aren’t any more career development opportunities:Workers want to develop professionally. They want more opportunities to advance their careers, not just crank out work for the single utility of their employer’s wallet.• Employees aren’t recognized for their hard work:You can’t anticipate your workers to break their tails on a day to day basis if you take their efforts for granted.

When workers aren’t identified for their contributions, at least every now and again they may look for a way out. • Employees have an issue with communication from their leadership:Managers don’t find time to communicate with their employees and lead by example to your people in a clear and confident manner. As a leader u cause a problem by not wanting to hear their worries.• Employees don’t trust management will help them grow:As personages we want to develop. If you don’t provide that for them, they will go and gaze it at another location.• Organisational instability:Management steady reorganization , changing direction and shamble people around unlink employees from the organisation motive. Staff don’t know what’s going on, what the precedence are or what they should be doing. This causes irritation leading to uncertainty and not achieving maximum productivity.

Deviation- the action of leaving from an established course or accepted standard.1.Reasons for deviation• StealingPurloin occurs when a staff member takes stuff from a co-worker or credit for a co-workers idea. Employee thievery ranges from picking tips that are not yours to claiming a sale you didn’t make.• DisrespectInterpersonal deviance is when workers are impolite to colleagues, clients and managers. Another form of disrespect is using other people’s things without asking.• Poor managementA deviant director or management team can make employees unhappy. When tough deadlines or tasks are given to employees, confidence goes down and other workplace problems ensue.

• Personal aggressionAnother form of workplace deviance is frightening. It might take the form of criticize an employee using personal aggression to scare or motivate or sexually harassing a colleague.• AbsencesConsistent lateness or absenteeism shows a lack of commitment. If an employee frequently makes excuses for rolling in an hour late to work or mysteriously disappears for hours during the day, he/she is being deviant.• Lying to hide errors made.

• Badmouthing co-workers to the bosses or colleagues.• Taking shortcuts when performing your work.• Chilling when no one is watching.• To shift blame from yourself to another person.?2. Too high beverage cost• Always checking the available stock before ordering another stock and counting how much is left.

• When mixing they must use the jigger to measure the alcohol.• Under-pouring drinksMonitoring them each time. Every know and then the bartender must ring it to POS system to keep the track of spills and comps, it will help you .• Pouring drinks from private bottlesAlways checking their bags when they knock off, ensuring if they have stuff that belongs to the property and opening the bottles they have to taste if they poured alcohol or not.• Pouring free drinksBartenders must ring the drink first before pouring it so that the wont be free drinks.• Collusion with food production employeesThe property must offer their staff free food so there won’t be any trade happening at the property.• Intrigue with beverage serversThey must install cameras at the bar to prevent theft. The property must not take their tips.

Every time a guest orders a drink, they must ring it before making it.• When pouring shooters they must be careful so that they won’t spill the vodka or tequila.


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