introduction The internet offers many benefits. It

introductionThe internet offers many benefits. It has made our life comfortable and has enhanced our standard of living. Every work can be done through the internet these days whether it is booking a ticket or sending money to any loved ones or maintaining long distance relationship. However there is also its negative side. The Internet can cause stress, depression, productivity and many more problems. Here’s a brief look at the various losses of the Internet:Handicap workAll of you will agree that internet is the reason for obstacles in the work. It is addictive in a way and it also delivers meditation from work.

Whether you are a student preparing for your exams, being an office employee, running a business or a housewife, you can not deny that the internet makes you waste a lot of time. That time can be used in productive works. The advent of social media has added to this addiction. People who play online games, they stick to the internet all the time.

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HackingHanking is quite common these days to extract personal information from anyone with email accounts, bank accounts and people’s mobile. It has become a cause of great concern. Because of hacking people face professional damage and stress in their personal relationships.Personal information stealingEveryone has made their profile on the Internet. It has become such a trend to tell everything about everything on social media. People do this to show others but they can actually have trouble with it.

There are also people who look at your profile about your personal life to find out what you are doing and steal your personal information. It has given rise to crimes like kidnapping and blackmailing.Negative impact on childrenChildren reach almost everything through internet. Most parents provide their children with Internet connection knowledge so that they can prepare better for their examinations but kids often use the internet for gaming, social media, and other sources of entertainment. Many times children are found to see porn and other things which are not good for them.SpammingInternet is used to promote businesses.

Although it is a good medium to promote and expand businesses, it can also prove headache for consumers. Many businesses are engaged in the marketing of their products and services, so they send spammy messages with many emails in our inbox. Many times important emails are erased due to spamming.

OverpaymentThe way we shop online, shopping has made it easy. We do not need to waste time to shop in search of different things. What we need is available on the Internet.

You can find it on the internet through a wide variety of things and organize them in seconds. However, we often spend money by buying more than our requirement.Many online retailers charge fees and other hidden fees, which we find later. All these expenses cost more.Loss of physical activityPeople are so absorbed in watching videos online, playing games online and joining people online these days that they ignore the importance of going out and joining outdoor activities. It has caused many physical problems such as obesity, migraine, and sleep disorder.

It is necessary to play out for the proper development and progress of children, but these days they prefer to play online games.ConclusionThere are many damages to the internet. The biggest thing of all these losses is that it has made people isolated from each other. We all are so immersed in our mobile that we ignore the needs of people around us. Because of the Internet, children and the elderly, who are most likely to take care of, are not being taken care of. It is the right time that we should limit our internet usage and live a healthy life.


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