Introduction no one would have dared to deny

Introduction The perfect superhero to me, in my opinion, is Charlie. Charlie is someone who represents the world in an honest fashion, I believe the perfect superhero is influential to people and has superpowers and capabilities. Charlie had eye features like any other typical man would have, however, when self-activated they turned red and he looked at you plain site you would disintegrate.

He could have had any woman he wanted, he could have had any riches that he desired and he could have ruled the world, and no one would have dared to deny him anything. however, he used his power to protect the planet, to defend the defenseless and to help people who were in danger or in crime.Conclusion According to “In the Wanderer, he argues that no matter how hard a man tries to hold in his emotions, he can never avoid his responsibility.” The Wanderer advises all men to look upon him as a God, and for comfort since he is the one who is responsible for the fate of mankind.

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